Lost my HE car after game freeze

Is there anyone that can help me receive my car back, I luckily won a Corvette Z06 horizon edition, I’ve been waiting to win this car and I’ve always wanted it, anyway I won it in a wheelspin (finally) went back to the garage and started to modify it, my game then froze and I had no option but to quit the game, after starting it back up to then realise my Z06 HE had gone! Is there anyone that can help me get it back? Please.

Go to either of the Support Sub-Forums and post your problem in there, you’d have no luck finding an answer here.

You will not receive any help there this happened to me a while ago however I won a C63 Black Series in the AH when I went to claim the car I had just spent over 400,000 on the game crashed and I lost both the money and car, I posted a few times but not one response. Sorry but I think the only way to get it again will be the Auction House!

Here’s a suggestion, for future reference. (Sorry that it won’t help you now.) As soon as something majorly good happens to you, pause, go to the “Cars” tab, select “Tune car”. Change a number, and change it right back. Unpause. You should see a small spinny icon on the lower-right side of the screen, next to the tachometer. That’s a save. You should be good to go now, immune to the next game crash.


Also take video n screen shots as you get it I do this to also prove I got it incase the game says over wise

I unterstand that you are mad. But why dont you look forward, do a couple of races and buy it from the auction house? You will have it back within an hour or less.