[ANSWERED] Horizon 4 is a Buggy Mess

So, For me personally, Horizon 4 has been an incredibly Bad expierence so far on Xbox One.

From constant online issues, not joining sessions, bugging out
To literally my car not moving from it’s place on starting races, Sound crashing out, the whole game crashing, the car spinning out of control for no apparent reason (no not due to my own fault, the car just literrally steering on its own and pulling to left or right (no assisted steering) )

It’s becoming unbearable, and i am thinking about trying to get a refund for my 100 euro’s. I probably wont though, but damn they need to get on with fixes.


Looking through the forums and you seem to be about the only person with these issues. I have a good amount of time in the game and haven’t even had a hint of a bug.


Then you clearly did not look through the forums. I have had the steering issues on PC for days, car will just randomly start pulling to the left with no input at all.

Since yesterday the game won’t start when I am online (on PC and One X). Just crashes to the desktop when it is supposed to load your house. Have to go offline, start the game, load, then go online.

Also since yesterday the game crashes after every team adventure. I get a wheelspin, then the white space animation appears that is loading you back in, then instantly crashes.

I am level 128, prestige 1, and haven’t had a single barn find.

I have had the game repeatedly give me loyalty rewards.

I have been banned ten times from team adventure without even finding a session.

I have timed out of team adventure in the middle of a race.

I have had sound crackling during loading screens.

I have had sound disappear/reduced to very low volume randomly.

I have had the game stop accepting start button input, leaving me unable to enter the menu.

I randomly experience power loss on cars, where they have to come to a full stop before they accelerate again.

I have been thrown out of Forzathon Live events but was still connected to Horizon Life.

So don’t pretend there are no issues when the forum is full of them.


Yeah i’ve had most of these issues,
People that don’t notice the issues or haven’t had them, have probably bearly played the game.

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Not so. There have been plenty of reports of audio and online problems.

FH4 crashes periodically on my Xbox One S. More so after the latest update.

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You’re replying to a post made at the start of October, roughly a week after the game came out…

And the funniest part is the game has only gotten more buggy :joy: this entire game is just laughable at this point.

Will not be buying another Forza game at launch.


But you’ll still buy it? That’ll teach 'em!

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Sure, once I know it’s a complete and bug free game.


Good one. Perhaps you could enlighten us with a game that is “bug free?”

You will buy the next one. Like a lot of people on here you’re all mouth, no trousers.

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My goodness man, you just won’t give it up huh? When I’m talking about bugs, I mean major bugs like this game has now. I don’t expect a game to be 100% bug free, little things I can deal with. But a game crashing, sound bugs, broken cars etc are not acceptable.

And if you don’t play FH4 why are you even here? Your opinion literally does not matter, so just quit man.

Done with you. You’re not worth my time anymore.

p.s. thank you RK for your response and direction here. Hopefully we can get these bugs sorted out.

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Not really, there’s a lot of people with these issues.
Sound issues have been there since day one.
Game crashing came with the last update.

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I have $100+ invested in this game, I have no option to opt out of playing with script using computer players,had I known that, I would never have purchased the game to begin with.
That aside, the sound problems still not fixed,but props to them for fixing most out of bounds issues.
As for the cars tuning, you obviously haven’t rwad the forums, it’s been mentioned quite a bit about the tunes going sideways during a race.
I spend hours, and even days, fine tuning my car,I can almost feel how it handles through the controller.
When it changes, trust me, we “feel” it.
Spend some time getting to know your car, you’ll understand.

I’ve had my sound vanish, but only after using the console’s resume function.

I have had my own share of bugs, though, but I don’t currently remember most of them. One piddly bug I do recall is it started showing the TCS icon on my HUD, even though it was turned off with the other aids. I checked and confirmed it was off but it still shown up on my HUD. I toggled it on and then back off again and the TCS icon went away. Oh, and the first or second time I made a livery I lost the ability to move down in the list of vinyl shapes. I was able to navigate up and down in the list of my own custom vinyl groups, but not the regular vinyl shapes.