All Things Wrong With FH4

Car List: the car list is a significant downgrade from previous horizons and even current motorsport, FM4 had the best car list of all forzas, including every day cars (Kia Ceed, mazda 2 etc.) and exotics and even more regularly seen sports cars ( Saleen S281, wiesmann, spyker, RUF etc. even the 2005 ford mustang GT for gods sake) which horizons and mainly FH4 miss out on

Gameplay/Multiplayer: honestly the least “festival” entry in the series, you dont really have any connection to the festival apart from starting there, FH1 had a full blown story while FH3 had you being the CEO of horizon and upgrading sites, the multiplayer is a disaster, horizon should have ghosting on at all times, the anti wall ride system is too inconsistent, no online adventures on DLCs, no ability to host our own events with different mixes of tracks and no new tracks being added to the roster, with drift adventure suffering the most with the lack of variety of tracks, the game offers no direct option to organize (big) meets/cruises (even with randoms on the lobby), no interaction between people on lobbies or even option to do so, non-toggleable drivatars when offline, and even a option to walk around the meet area ( AS SEEN IN ONE THE GAMES MENU CLIPS)

Map: The least fun and most uninspired map in the whole series, the landscape is very dull and roads get boring fast, fortune island is fine but too small while lego is just…ugh, the main map feels like it was designed around the season changing.

Sound: previous forzas had a team of sound designers on a contract, when the contract ended in 2016 and the team copyrighted all of their works meant the newbies had to start from scratch with all sound files and program a new audio middleware with only about a 1 and a half years time for more than 500 cars and all the ambience and general games sounds, its pretty evident which cars were made in the “yeah we still got time” and the ones which were not.

Clothes/Cosmetics: the worst addition so far in the entire forza series, there were more clothing items than cars at launch, disgusting, i sincerely hope this clown fest wont be present in FH5

Bugs/Glitches: i had to solve more problems with FH4 than any other game on PC so far, then the obvious bugs and inaccuracies, like the see-through exhaust, the supras spoiler issue etc.

All in all the worst Forza Horizon or even the worst ever Forza title, if i had to describe it with 2 words it would be RUSHED and LAZY, and i dont really see it improving in FH5 except for eye candy graphics to show off the new xbox

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I don’t see a problem in most of the things that you have mentioned. The car list is excellent. I would not like a race to be all ghosted, it would be unrealistic. The map looks like Britain so it’s fine. The tracks are fine, you can add Blueprints.

There is a new team working on FH5 so we will see what they do eventually. I hope they chop the physics out of FH4.

You’re going to have to explain to me how being corner-bombed by a player while they receive no consequences whatsoever is more realistic. I agree with most of your statement, but the online experience is terrible, and it was a massive, massive mistake to make this game an “always online” experience.

I’m still dumbfounded to this day as to who thought that forcing us to play a certain season was a good idea, or that removing custom championships would somehow make the game more enjoyable. I don’t mind the game pushing online, even to the point where it default loads onto the live server, but when I click Horizon Solo… why can’t I choose what season to be in? Why is the developer taking away options needlessly?

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You can’t be corner-bombed in online races any more.

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See you’re thinking about online adventure. That’s its own thing. I referring to the trial, where your own idiot teammates will ram you off the road because they’d rather lose the event then have their precious ego bruised. Either that or they literally don’t know how to drive without using another car’s brakes.

True, the same ghosting system ought to apply to the trial as well.

I think that might have the unintended effect of making it harder. Wouldn’t the AI get ghosted too than? It would be hard to push then out of the way when they get aggressive. It the only reason I can think why they didn’t do that.

Possibly so. Then again, if a game mode requires you to bash opponents out of the way to even the odds, there’s something wrong. Also I’d rather players learned to drive better so they don’t take such tactics into online PvP races.

Yes, you can. In low speed corners where speed differential is low, you definitely can. Happened to me multiple times a couple days ago. Another thing that happens are cheeky “love taps” in wide corners, throwing you out of balance. Most prominent in Cross Country. Not to mention the people who “ghost overtake” you.

The system is a failure, the community is rotten. At this point, I’d prefer no penalties at all in Horizon. Leave any form of regulation to Forza Motorsport, which was only hurt by T10’s slow reaction to online carnage.

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You can still have your race stuffed by another player, last month in my 1 adventure for the playlist I was pushed off into a stone wall about 10 seconds from winning by a League 3 player no less, someone who should be more than good enough to beat the likes of me by their own skill.

And I still don’t see why everyone can’t start in the same place now the beginning of races are ghosted, you’ve got no chance if a good driver in the right car starts first and you’re at the back.

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The same in real world racing. Plenty of races have been ruined by other people’s driving IRL.

Not intentionally and knowingly barring exceptional incidents, there’s plenty of words to describe people who do it in a game, unfortunately none are allowed on here.

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Subjective. You have all of these in FH4. Maybe less “every day cars”, which I personally enjoy less because that’s not the car I enjoy the most in a game. RUF was there to palliate the lack of Porsches before they secured a Porsche expansion, back when EA had the rights for Porsche. FH4 has cars that FM4 doesn’t, like Mugen CRX, Eagle Speedster, KTM, dune buggies, Cathernam, Pikes Peak car, etc.
; lots of cars from FH4 are updated from FM4, yet they still share A LOT of cars.

There’s still a “festival” part, but I agree that it gets quickly disconnected. That’s an issue with the games’ progression. I still like it more than the “road trips” from Forza Horizon 2, which was a grind fest.
Multiplayer in Forza started to fall apart in FM3 with the introduction of hoppers.

I enjoy the change of seasons. PG tried something. I like how many things you can break in FH4 compared to previous Forza Hoizion games.

Heard about that before. I agree that some sounds are pretty bad in FH4, like the farted can Integra.

I don’t mind the idea for clothes as it brings character personalization, what I do mind is how silly most of the clothes are. Dances are there because of Fortnite fads. It’s hilarious that Epic Games sued Playground Games for dances they have themselves stolen from professional dancers : Microsoft Removes Dances From 'Forza Horizon 4' Amid Fortnite Lawsuits
Some emotes can be useful in online races. Horns are a thing of FH3, but I can live without them.

I don’t play on PC, so I have nothing to say there.

Forza street says hi. I class FM5 as the worse Forza game otherwise because that was there to show off the Xbox One. Much less content than in FM4, T10 discontinued the Auction House, removed the ability to sell cars for half their value to the game, and broke the storefront format with the intent to make players grind a lot to give them the easy way into microtransactions. At least there is no microtransactions in FH4, and what is the exclusive content after the season pass now was paid DLC before.

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There is ghost racing but none of you want to do it. Really fast people in there, it is still going to be hard and challenging. Lots of 1% and FRF guys. Be nice to have a more rounded mix. Go to custom pick Road, class S1 that seems to be the most popular where you can find people, collisions off, freeroam off. The problem is once you beat someone who isn’t them one time they will quit. I promise no one ever gets better by quitting. I sit in there come in next to last every time when those guys are in there but it is still better than getting wrecked and I am learning. Those clubs are just really good. The key is not to quit if someone beats you. Race the person closest to you that’s what you are supposed to do and don’t worry about your position. Learn from the fast guys and yes you will get better.
I see zero point in Ranked if it is dirty, than its meaningless who wins anyway. Ghost is the fairest thing in Forza Horizon and even better than in Forza 7 because track cutting isn’t a thing in Horizon.


I used to think ghost racing wasn’t real racing. Then I tried it. Strategic element is still there. Just because there’s no collision doesn’t mean there’s no way to win the mental battle for position. Different lines, car placement are things you can use in ghost racing.

You forgot the new bad mode, known as The Eliminator, it’s unbalanced… I’ve seen people find level 10 cars as soon as it starts like instantly, there should be an option to where you can accept to challenged or not in a head to head, cause you can just be trying to find a better level car some moron comes up and challenges you in like a level 8-9 car while you’re still in the mini-cooper… like how is this balanced?

The Eliminator is close to perfect… apart from giving you cars in the wheelspin.


If we don’t take taste into account, as much of why I loathe it is because of its very essence, the biggest flaw of the Eliminator is that it feels tacked on. The map was not designed with it in mind. There are way too many impassable barriers and bodies of water preventing movement. Unlike in other battle royale games, it’s much harder to dodge them. I can’t make my car float in the water and I go too fast to see incoming walls.

As a side effect of the map not being suited to it, there are lots of little issues, mainly the placement of finish lines, which is often behind those impassable walls I just mentioned. In the heat of racing, you just don’t have the time to look at the map, and the walls themselves don’t appear on the minimap.

The walls on the map will block both players, you have to be within a close distance to hoot your horn.

The actual things wrong with FH4:

The number 4

I appreciate that Game Studios need to make new things to sell. But as someone who has endured decades of gaming I have grown to realize that every time a new Game version Next comes out my game catalog gets diluted in value. I don’t know what tracks FH3 came with, but right now the incentive to buy it is zero. and when FH5 comes out, all my cars, and Great Britain, all fall into the past.

No PS4 version

I don’t know why console exclusives are still a thing… Forza is not the tool that is going to make the 4/5 people I know that have PS4s over XB1s make the switch. All this is doing is making me not play Forza with my friends. Who are all having fun playing Fortnite, or something that does doe cross console crossplay.