[ANSWERED] CTD/Memory leak removed from Known Issues

Can somebody please tell me why this has been removed from the known issues thread, I like many other PC and XBOX owners are still experiencing these game breaking issues, and I for one am greatly worried that these problems are now going to be quietly forgotten…


The memory leak is fixed.

The games CTDs = / = a memory leak. The leak was just the most obvious cause of some CTD’s at this point. The game still needs a lot of patching to resolve its CTD issues.

What you mean memory leak is fixed? I race races and my memory goes up and down then on the 3rd race, the stuttering comes back, objects dont load in, and its unraceable. I either have to close the game or it crashes eventually.

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It most certainly isn’t fixed.


My game is still crashing because all the memory is getting used up. Wouldn’t that be a memory leak?

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PC - 2 CTD’s in last 3 races so about 17 laps wasted. Maybe they should add it back as a known issue since it has been reported enough since the last patch.

This is my point…

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Unfortunately, I can update this with another 3 CTDs for a grand total of 5 CTD’s in 6 races. IMO this is appalling statistics and I will point out that this is as bad as it can get. Other sessions might be the other way around but still far too many for a game of this standard. It is hardly a computer geek sitting in his/her bedroom knocking out a few lines of code on a startup.

Try resetting ALL your graphics settings to all defaults, including resolution. Then exit the game and go back in. After seeing this mentioned on another thread after the latest patch hit I tried it and it worked. Sadly, if I bump resolution up to 1440p the CTD’s return… but at least we can play the damn game while we hope for a more comprehensive fix.

I’ve tried this as well and i have to say it looked promising at first (especially since it felt stutterfree…for the time being), but i still crash after few circuits played in the campaign.
Online it is worse, i get extreme stutter after like changing circuits, the whole menu starts lagging and finally i end up looking at a black screen followed by a crash.

Basically im restarting the game after every campaign race on long, just to be able to play stutterfree and not crashing on money/xp screen after finishing the race. Sad state to be honest.

Memory leak is not fixed, not even close. Anyone know when the next pc patch is coming out cause i am not playing this unoptimized game till i can race atleast 5 races before it crashes


Yup, game still CTD’s for me on a regular basis. Especially when trying to play MP.

Less often in SP, but it still happens at least every couple hours.

Still intense stuttering after a while and CTD midrace. It might be memory related, or track specific. It happens to be that I had a CTD on Rio de Janeiro. It crashed elsewhere in the past though. But CTD should definitely still be on the Known Issues list, and arguably, so should memory leaking.

Hello, i have to agree and disagree at same time with your post.

Memory Leak = CTD but All CTD /= Memory Leak related. Which means, i have CTD like all of you but they haven’t to do with Memory leaks. I can confirm Car tunning had a memory leak before the patch but now is solved.

Anyone of you haven’t posted their Hardware Specs in this thread, which is why i would do before explaining where am i crashing, so my purpose for all of you should be post your hardware first and a little explanation about where are you crashing to check if is related with specific gpu cards, ram amount, etc, etc. Because tomorrow they could launch a patch fixing some CTD and for some people their problem would get fixed but there will be always someone posting that he/she is still crashing and this is not fixed.

For example:

  • i7 4790k 4,5Ghz
  • 32gb 2400mhz ddr3
  • 2x 1080ti 11GB
  • 45GB Virtual Mem
  • 70Gb pagefile
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299)

Playing 4320x2560 with this hardware i have not crashes at all in single player mode, only on multiplayer and no matter when or where: just when trying to enter into a lobby or randomly in somewhere part of the current race. VRAM usage is 5,5gb all time in each card, RAM is above 10GB all time, and pagefile above 18gb all time. so cannot be a memory leak or ram leak.

Actually multiplayer state is unplayable.

Lots of CTD in many different contexts.

Receiving rewards at the end of a race.

Selecting cars in a race.

Very frustrating.

Can see why some are getting so angry now.

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I’m the first who complains about the pre-alfa state of this game and i have shown my frustration many times in many post of this forums, but this is not going to be helpul or to work if you don’t post your hardware. If your purpose is just complaining about the game, insult the devs or the company, by experience a moderator will close this thread.

For example, to say you are experiencing memory leak with a 1gb vram gpu card and 4gb RAM doesn’t make sense when the min. specs are 2GB VRAM, 8GB RAM and i5-2,67Ghz CPU, and even with 2GB VRAM and 8GB RAM, is normal to fill all the memory but doesn’t mean that’s a memory leak and probably you would need to enable a high amount of virtual memory.

Post your hardware guys, probably they won’t fix all the CTD issues, but at least we are giving something to them about where to start. Is important to know your hardware and specify where and when are you CTD. Otherwise this won’t work.

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To be honest, I hadn’t thought about posting my hardware, as I’ve not had any issues at all since the patch… That said, if it helps to know that my PC is perfectly stable running FM7 and has been pretty much since launch (apart from the memory leak in design editor which was a known issue anyway), my specs are as follows:

CPU: AMD FX8350 stock clock
GPU: Radeon RX570 4Gb
RAM: 32Gb DDR3
HDD: Crucial 525Gb SSD

I can run FM7 for literally hours on end at 1920 x 1080 with ultra settings and everything set to dynamic (clocked up 14 hours straight on Sunday) with no CTD, lag/stuttering or sudden drops in performance. Even before the patch it was pretty stable, and I wasn’t frightened of running 50 lap races grinding credits. I guess if the devs could narrow it down to a specific group of people, they would have a better idea of where to concentrate their efforts.

No way the memory leak is fixed. I still get crashes in the upgrade menu (especially at the rims selection), although less frequent.


The only issue I had on my machine was using the design editor. That caused all my memory to be used up. However, that’s now been fixed as far as I can tell, as I can use the editor without any problems now, and I think that was the memory leak they referred to fixing. Obviously that doesn’t mean there aren’t more memory leaks elsewhere…

Still have image drop out during a 30+ lap at Daytona. First the fence goes than all the walls only way to fix is reload game.

specs in sig.