Amazing job on the Ring

Who cares - it could be long pig, short pig, and beetle larva as long as it has the right taste and texture and doesn’t immediately kill me (let’s face it, death was inevitable and hot dogs were never going to on the helpful side of that equation). Now I’m hungry and trapped at work.

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Ppl that like something very often take any criticism about the thing they like very personal these days. I mean it’s about every tiny thing nowadays. Ppl somehow forgotten that other opinions are legit. They are like i am 100% right and everybody who is not my opinion has no idea etc.

Ppl unlearned how to accept other ppl’s opinions. It’s the left and right, good and bad, black and white kind of thinking that caused this. I hope mankind can recover from this.


There are certain members I will not name that send my blood pressure through the ceiling - just let them do their thing and ignore it - in my experience when they don’t get a rise they go elsewhere or keep escalating until they get themselves moderated.


I remember it wasn’t like this like 15 years ago. Ppl could just discuss things in a normal tone, without them fighting over every tiny thing, like their lives would depend on it. I mean it’s ridiculous the attitude of the ppl these days.

Even 5 years ago, everything was still somehow much more relaxed.

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I truly believe the studio is very content that the handful of players remaining here are distracted arguing with each other instead of demanding their money in some unified way.

As for those people that are die hard brand loyal defenders - I don’t claim to understand the psychology of those who jump to the defence of the inadequate product/studio - but I certainly believe it’s a by-product of the strategies employed by Microsoft and other brands to create loyalty and to associate personality with buying decisions.

For whatever reason it’s clearly perceived as a personal sleight when the brand/product with which somebody identifies, associates with or enjoys is on the receiving end of criticism.

I also noticed that when people argue defensively for the product or Studio it typically involves a lot of “I, me, and my” language- as though for a moment empathy doesn’t compute because only “my experience” is valid, true or worth considering.

TLDR: I don’t think gamers, or people have gotten any worse - but rather divisive brand / identity loyalties are becoming more invasive.


Thats not a physics issue, that’s a stock setup issue. The car is on drag slicks.


Not sure I see a difference. Both are silly.

@Wilko_Jones , mine was running on Sport tires. A better comparison is the 2012 Challenger which has a tighter turn radius than the 2018. Probably just a failure in the car design.

Getting back on topic:

Now, everyone eise;

Back to the track, paying close attention to the trees, there is just some about them that looks “unreal”. They look more like the trees from TC2 than they do tress from even FM7. It’s not just the trees alone but them with the placement and the look of the track. The whole package deal that distracts from the overall track look and feel. It just isn’t their best work.

I play through gamepass. And when the track dropped, I always got the message, there’s a lot of people playing, it will be 5 to 10 minutes to start. Now I get instant start up on gamepass. Players have fallen off since the track release. Say what you all want, but the new track isn’t holding players in the game. Just one man’s opinion so don’t call names or get all twisted.


Yeah. Like I wrote earlier, the only thing putting the Ring into Forza fixed was the tracks presence on the roster. It would be good for a hot second and then the players would be left with the rest of the package, and from just about anyone’s account, there isn’t much to keep people’s attention.

Turn 10 should have also put the changes to progression in the update if they were ready. That would have kept players interested a little longer than a Nordschleife with borked tree and object placement. I am reminded about a discussion I read a while ago. The sentiment was realistic wasn’t good enough for Forza, they have to make it more attractive… I wonder how the guys that echoed that stance feels about this version of the Nordschleife?

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HARD disagree there. Lol. People always fought over the dumbest stuff and 5 years ago I’d say was the height of toxicity.

So if you say so it must be true then, you are one of those that is always right, i understand i won’t fight with you.

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I really enjoy the Nordschleife, sure its not perfect like many other racing games but much better experience on a wheel then ever before. I do dislike the flags next to the track, please remove those as they have zero additional value imo.


The flags were a very unnecessary addition to the track. And I never even noticed them on Spa until I was checking Spa for accuracy compared to the Ring. They did as bad a jod on Spa as they did on the Ring and those stupid flags are there too. Completely ruined the whole Spa experience. I don’t even want to run Watkins Glen again because I’m sure those stupid flags will be there too and it will ruin my favorite track.

Here, no there is a way to let T10 know we are not happy about the extraneous flags added around the tracks.

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I actually don’t really care about the flags. It’s their artistic way to express. For me the important is the feel of the track, the rest outside to me is somehow peanuts…


I too couldn’t care less about the flags. I’m here for the racing. Nice to have a bit of life around the track.

I do find some of the time of day setups are a bit weak with regards to lighting which makes them look flat compared to other presets but most of them look fantastic. Early morning or night and rain are so good.

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The flags are definitely out of place here (and on other tracks, too).

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What kind of flags you mean? The blue ones the ppl hold up or any other flags?

Probably the curved flags planted at track side, and all the waving flags in the stands.

I’m a fan of accuracy, but I’m also not enough of a purist or connoisseur to know track accuracy well enough to point out some of these flaws.

What I will say is FM did the best job I’ve witnessed in making the Nordschleife feel ALIVE. Sometimes in gaming you might need to tweak the scale to provide a certain electricity and energy that world scenarios provide. I feel the Ring in this game feels very eventful, alive and energetic. Especially for a super long track.

I do agree with an above statement that the trees in the later parts of the track do away with that feeling of “entering barren woods” and can confuse where you’re at when you first start playing it.

Also, the only aspect of presentation that I like GT7’s Ring over FM’s is in how it’s lit at night, being no floodlights and more emphasis on headlights. But other than that, FM’s Ring is so much nicer, their crowd sections are MUCH better done, and add a lot of excitement and sense of occasion. Lots of nice detailing there that GT7 doesn’t have. You really feel like FM’s Ring is the main event.