Amazing job on the Ring

I’m sure there are issues here and there which I’ve seen posted. But overall they did an incredible job on this track. Best one in any game I’ve played and sublime mixed with the game’s physics. THIS is the “ground up” experience I wish the entire game utilized.

I was surprised just how immensely fun it was to drive my Jesko around the Ring. I thought it would be too unwieldy with the power. But it’s so much FUN, still a handful to tame but at the same time very accessible, tame able and dynamic. You feel really rewarded to get the most out of it and the limits, while challenging, are appreciatedly accessible.

To my surprise, I didn’t enjoy the Valkyrie AMR PRO nearly as much. It feels too fake and cartoony. And it can get under 5 minutes on the Ring? Give me a BREAK LMAO. Not in a trillion years will that car get anywhere near that in real life.

But driving cars that feel accurate is such an experience and pleasure.

So far (unless I’m reading it wrong) I think I’m in the top 5 of Jesko times, as I sit at 6:58 and have a lot more room to gain. A real life Jesko perfectly driven I think should easily do under 6:40, so the game’s track times at least with me driving seem fairly parallel to real life, for a game. I imagine if I really grind at it, I can shave another 20 to 30 seconds off.


Yes the Nordschleife track they have made is awesome!
Its pure pleassure to ride all the cars over this track.

Great Work!

edit: but to be honest, the stupid horizon style flags at corners should be removed.


I’ve been lapping the AMG/One,whoever set the world record irl was very very fast! BTW love the way the track looks and feels as well.Very nice addition to the tracklist.


The trees look garishly cartoonish and repetitive, the distance view is far too bright and focused. The track surface, is that same flat gray lifeless FM23 track surface of all the other tracks in the game with the exception of the few lettered areas and the carousel corner.

Other than that, the track is just meh, a long collection of corners and straights strung together.

It’s not as challenging as Spa or as enjoyable as Watkins Glen. Although Bathurst is not a track I like, I think it would have been a much better addition to the game.

I personally can’t see what there is about this track that would have kept it from being released with the original game. If it was the “rescan” it was a waste of time. They should have just used the FM7 track and upgraded it for FM8/23.

Amazing job? Not really in my opinion.


Populating the track with floodlights at night is ridiculous and as realistic as an arcade game. There are no floodlights on the real Nordschleife. Also, foliage is completely unrealistic, all they did was populate the scenery with dense trees, regardless of how the treelines are in real life. This is nothing more than just an approximate representation of the Nordschleife, geared for casual players. It cannot be taken seriously at all.


all the floodlights need to be removed its horrible


Yes, I can see this now as the bigger problem than the cartoonish look of the trees. Just the unreal population and placing. The sidelines are just filler. This track could have taken a good graphic artist all of a couple of weeks to crank out the basic scenery. Cut - paste - repeat…



On Reddit guys are saying it’s basically a redo of the FM7 track. I dunno. But I really enjoy driving on it.

Does anyone know if anyone did an in depth comparison of FM8 and GT7 Rings? As bad as many say FM8 track representation is, GT7 is often even worse. As even in GT7 fan videos, guys have to admit GT7 gets some tracks so wrong they leave entire turns out, or get turn angles completely wrong on specific tracks that FM gets much more right. So I’m wondering how accurate their Ring is.

There are also a few things that bother me about the Nordschleife from FM. One of the worst things is the flags that are everywhere at the edge of the track and that don’t belong there.
I often find the inclines and declines unrealistic, and the jump at the Pflanzgarten and the little roundabout don’t fit either.

I’m sure there will soon be comparison videos of FM & GT7, personally I find GT7’s much more accurately implemented. But that’s generally the case, there’s a video from DF that compares tracks from FM with those from GT7 and in GT7 the designers take care, for example, to place trees where they belong and in FM they are simply placed in such a way that it looks good but not authentic.

The guys from PD have also been to the Ring many times, Kaz himself has driven in the 24h race and they have a great passion for the Nordschleife and motorsport, I think that’s what they lack in T10 in pretty much all aspects and you notice that in the many small details.


It IS a redo of the FM7 track. They just laser-scanned the curbing, and added 3D vegitation/trackside environment. Everything else is the same. The same goes for all tracks previously featured in FM5-FM7. It feels different because of the artificial bumps they added, and the new physics engine, but it’s the same track.


The best Nordschleife to this day. Lets wait for ACC. If you have ever driven this track in other games like GT7 or some you know that. Yeahh, the ASM2 Schleife is also not that bad. It is clear that our hobby drivers who sit on the track every weekend have a different view.

Even if it was our screens would still be bright with the awful vignette effect that is on 24/7

I don’t mind the fantasy aspects they added to the track. I think it’s overall a good representation of the real track. The only thing that bothers me a tiny bit is that there’s no sound at all for the bumpy Karussell road surface.


I agree,the best so far.I’m all for adding any and all roadside goodies they want.This is a simcade and since that’s true lets get her sparkling as much as possible.The ‘sim-elitists’ have turned their collective noses up to this game so let’s have at it Turn10! full simcade glory! More trees,more roadside cars,more everything!!


I enjoyed driving it, and the track itself seems accurate enough for me.
However, due to plastering the whole scenery with samey trees, it lost a sense of location compared to previous Forza games.
I remember driving through the fast middle section used to give me a feeling of leaving a somewhat open area and entering into woods. It was a very noticeable shift in scenery and tone.
With this new version it basicly feels the same everywhere, just with a few spaces carved out of the wood to make room for some trackside deco.


Well hech YEAY! How about a road side hot dog stand so we can pull over at the halfway point for a bite? Why not? It a “SIMCADE” that is what simcade means isn’t it? Or is that more arcade? No you all want an arcade game pure and simple.


Im pretty sure I saw one at one of the camping sites trackside,just pull over there.FWIW I’m not saying add silly stuff like a hot dog stand,I’m just not up in arms about it not being hyper-realistic to what the Ring looked like yesterday type of thing.Add some color here and there add some flair here and there,sure.

I have to agree. Great job.

The track undulations and little humps that need to be avoided IRL are there.

A couple of curbs are ice - but they have shown they can fix this already (Yas Marina was patched for the same).

Now if only we could get a Touristenfahrten open lobby permanently …


@FreshBarley4670 , fwiw, I’m not up in arms about it being super realistic either. But the ring in FM7 is alive and real. It isn’t super realistic, far from it in fact. But the new ring in FM8/23/? Is a cartoonish bumble of repeated tree copies and lifeless gray… muck. Can’t even call it asphalt because it doesn’t look like asphalt. It really looks like it belongs in a NFS game. And then even in NFS unbound at that. Because NFS unbound did for that series what FMwhatever did for the Forza Motorsport series.

T10 might as well keep the track as it is and just lower the rest of the game down to fit. Just make it an arcade racer. There will be no more reason to suggest changes and T10 can go forward without listening to the gaming contingent and do business as usual.


Didn’t you hear about the Trees, all the lovely 3d Trees that they were constantly spruiking before launch @AnakalaRon, forget about the track surface looking like a grey blob, the track is a nothing in racing games, it’s all about the Trees and Ferris Wheels :wink: :popcorn: :cowboy_hat_face: