Spent all day racing my Porsche longtail at the Nurburgring.

So i raced at the ring for the 1st time in years. It was great, chasing that damn Sauber down in my legendary Porsche Longtail in a nice 20 laps of the Ring. I finally lost the 787B that was behind me, then reeled him in at lap 18, was right behind him on lap 19, and passed him at the end of the final lap. Then i come on to the boards here and find out just now they released the Nurburgring for Forza 5!! I wish i would have known so i didn’t have to spend my day off stuck in 2010 (Forza 4 lol)! Im seeing all good things so thats good. I’m gonna do a nice 10 lapper in my Stingray tomorow, but it’s not gonna be the same. Is it the same “Ring” of the past games? Or is it the real version this time? Hopefully they put the real one in so it’ll be a little bit different.

Ehem … Forza 4 was released in 2011. Sorry - just a slight correction to your fun tale of events. Heh.

As for details on Forza 5’s 'Ring, I encourage you to read the front page news article to get all of the fascinating details on the latest addition, while it downloads to your Xbox One.

Sorry my delorean’s having a hard time since i changed it to run on garbage lol… but honestly only me lol.

it’s been laser scanned so definitely not the same ring. Turn 10 also included the ring+GP as a whole track now which is quite nice. I’d need to jump back on Forza 4 to really see and compare but so far am liking the new Ring

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Don’t do it! I’m certain you won’t like what you see. I sure didn’t. The improvement is absolutely spellbinding!

According to the video i watched this morning, its about as Real as it gets. From the grass to the exact Graffiti :slight_smile: So get on it ASAP. :slight_smile:

this track is completely new, don’t even seem like the same track at all! I love it ! Id be racing right now but people are sleeping :slight_smile: