Airfield Test Track - Dirty Lap for No Reason?

Doing a bit of free play on the Airfield Test Track, in the Lotus E21 of course. Trying to get to the top of the leaderboards, they keep deciding to give me a dirty lap for no reason!

After the first corner, there are train tracks or something right across the track and it seems that 95% of the time that I drive over them on the line I take (in the outside third of the track), I get a dirty lap. It wouldn’t be for a loss of traction, as though I’m getting brief air time, because I’ve had longer air time on other tracks without getting a dirty lap. Other than that, my laps are clean. I’m getting very obsessive with this track. This morning I did a 41.224 which wasn’t saved due to this error.

Has anyone else encountered this and have any suggestions? Also, let me know your times :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: Just did a 41.045

Next time you are on the Airfield Test Track, go slowly around the first corner and look for the Light sticking up in the middle of the track (it will be on the leading edge of the bump that runs across the width of the track). If you are to the left of this light when you go over the bump then the lap will be flagged as dirty. I don’t understand why T10 did this but if you can adjust your race line and stay to the right of that Light, your lap will stay clean. After you cross the bump, you can choose either path to run and your lap will stay clean as long as you don’t hit the walls or lamp posts.