After Oct. update TMX Wheel vibrates really bad after boot up.

I noticed after the last update when game boots up with my TMX Wheel the wheel will shake and vibrate really bad. I have to unplug it, turn on a Xbox one controller then reconnect wheel to fix issue. Just wondering if anyone else has this issues after updating game. This is on XBox One X.

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I have the same issue. FH3 works fine?

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Same issue,it sounds like it could be damaging to the wheel to me as well.What a pain this is turning out to be.I have to unplug the wheel everytime I launch then load game with pad,turn pad off then turn on the wheel again,lol.Please fix Turn10 asap.

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Logitech G920 does the same thing as well…

My Thrustmaster TX does the same. Not every time, but about every 3rd time I start the game. It does not sound like it would be good for the wheel. I do hope this gets fixed a.s.a.p.

This still haven’t fixed most wheel problems. I still can’t use my wheel because they do not support multiple USBs. They seem to just ignore this part of the community so good luck.

Same thing with me…have to turn off the regular controller, turn off the game. reattach the wheel to the xbox and then restart the game. It just started with the latest syncing of data on FH4

I have the same thing here with a Logitech g920 and Xbox one. Once out of the start screen it stops, it can’t be good do the wheel motors and gears though, unplugging the usb is the only way to start with normal controller and switch over when in game menu. Please fix!

Same thing with a G920 and on PC, I have to unplug and replug the usb to solve it.

We need to get this investigated,anyone know who to contact? Someone must have the time to look around and cause some waves in the water? If it doesn’t get investigated it will go on forever.

I have the same issue with a G920 on an original Xbox One. It started happening after the Oct 23rd update. The shaking is so violent it seems it could damage the wheel.

Did a post about it, same with my Fanatec Clubsport 2.5. Investigate please!

I have the same issue with my TX wheel!

Same here with g920. Sounded so bad I thought my wheel was about to break. I can’t believe how bad the support for wheels has been. Still can’t even adjust deadzones :frowning:

Will you guys at T10 please look into this??? INVESTIGATE !!!

Just wanted to say I’ve got the same issue here. G920 on Xbox One. I’ve even went thru the process of firmware upgrading the wheel to see if that made a difference, sadly it doesn’t.

My experience is that Horizon 4 fires up, goes through all the publisher screens and as soon as the loading screen with the car appears my wheel goes crazy trying to turn left for an inch then right for an inch over and over again in a very aggressively, very fast manner. After it does this, if i unplug the USB port and put it back in at any time it goes back to this behaviour. The only thing I can do is what has been suggested in this thread: Fire up Horizon with a controller and the wheels’ USB unplugged, Let the game load, once you are in the game plug in the USB. navigate to settings using the controller, highlight controller settings and then enter into it with the buttons on the wheel. I know that might sound a bit convoluted, but I’ve found if i dont do that sometimes the wheel doesnt opperate right, (severe lack of force feedback and the steering doesnt map correctly. etc)

I’ve raised a support case on and I would recommend others with this issue to raise one as well to increase the visibility of this problem. The initial response was not exactly helpful (see below) but I will keep at it and hopefully get this issue acknowledged.

If you only have the wheel plugged in and start the console from that it doesn’t seem to do it…

Still need fixing if you have a controller connected though…

Nope, still happens with only the wheel connected. For me it only happens about 1 out of 3 times though. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a pattern. Only established that it doesn’t happen with any other game supporting a wheel that I have. I’m on XB1 using a Thrustmaster TX btw.

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OMG I thought there was something wrong with my wheel, but it’s only this game and only on the title screen. It turns back and forth violently. If I manage to press A it stops once the game loads. It will also stop if I pull up the Xbox system but immediately start if I return.

It doesn’t happen to me every time, for whatever reason.

Thrustmaster TX on X1X.

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