Update 5 has caused my thrustmaster wheel to have a vibration in wheel

My thrustmaster TS-XW Racer wheel base on xbox series x is making a noise that sounds like a pc trying to download something and it sends vibration through the wheel doesn’t matter if in the menu or a race. It never did this before the update. Ive tried my other racing games and at the xbox dashboard it works fine so i know it isnt my equipment it started immediately when the update was finished. Im not happy to say the least worried it might mess up my wheel base Forza you need to fix this bug asap please!

Same wheel and same issue for me, it was working fine before update5.
I hope fix is coming along with March release…
I stop playing for the moment.

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Bad news… just tried after update6 and issue still there.
Tested with FH5 and no problem with such strange wheel vibrations.

Anyone managed to solve the vibration issue? I have the same - the wheel just randomly vibrates once the game is launched. When racing - the wheel behaviour seems very odd too. Runs fine with other games though

Have you checked the advanced wheel settings in game? After update 5 I noticed my Fanatec felt different. I looked at the settings and found they had been reset to default. Put my settings back on and everything is fine.

Thanks. I’ve tried to zero wheel dampening slider and that seems to have helped. But feels odd to use the wheel without them. Something must be wrong with the wheel dampening configurations after Update 5. Hopefully they’ll look into this before the next update