Advice on tuning the 2009 Mini John Cooper Works, D400, FWD

I was hoping folks could give me some advice on this car’s tuning. This is my first tune and the issues I found with the tune include: (1) understeer - difficulty turning, esp during braking, car keeps moving forward, and, (2) braking distance - taking to long/distance.

I did check out several YouTube videos, yet, most focus on RWD and higher class (many upgrades).

Here are the settings (this is where I landed after many tweaks):

Tires = Front & Rear set at 28.0 psi
Gearing = Default (can not be tuned)
Alignment = Default
Anti-Roll Bars = Front (21.02), Rear (18.01)
Springs = Default
Damping = Default
Aero = Front (75), Rear (137)
Braking Force = Balance (53%), Pressure (150%)
Differential = Acceleration (30%), Deceleration (0%)

As far as upgrades, the car is maxed out (D400) and want to keep in the D class.

Your ideas are welcome and certainly would be appreciated. Thanks!

Easy fix would be to lower the car a little at the front to lower the center of gravity, remove some downforce from the rear, more at the front to help understeer during high speed turn.
I see you have brake poressure a 150 %, you must be playing with ABS ? If not, lower that some. It doesnt help braking distance, it will simply make the tire lock easier.

Thanks for the idea Drows24, it;s appreciated!

So basically: (1) reduce downforce from rear, (2) increase downforce at front, and, (3) I am assuming by downing #1-2 it will lower the car at the front [or something else to lower car at front?]!
** Changing Aero to F (85) and R (125).

My brake pressure is set to 150% since I was not able to fix my braking problem (or so I thought), and did use ABS. However, would prefer not using ABS, thus, I will lower such pressure to about 100%.

I’ll check these changes out. Again, thanks so much! As a newbie, this will certainly help me with my learning curve.

Ok, I tested the settings out and the car does much better. It does great on the Indy Oval, however, on tracks with sharp turns (Prague, Spa) it does not respond. Thoughts? Thanks!