Advance Controller settings for standard controller

Advance controller options

I create this setting with the objetive of make the movements of your stardard controller more realistic. This setting offers too a few improvement on your driving physics and make your car more balance particulary playing at the cockpit. This setting is not for drifting.

Advance controller options

Steering axi deadzone inside <23>
Steering axi deadzone outside <95>
Acceleration axi deadzone inside <28>
Acceleratoon axi deadzone outside <90>
Deceleration axi deadzone inside <29>
Deceleration axi deadzone outside <95>
Clutch axi deadzone inside <29>
Clutch axi deadzone outside <100>
Handbrake axi deadzone inside <29>
Handbrake axi deadzone outside <100>
Vibration scale OFF. Turn off the Rumble option at the main controller option menu. Some times the rumble can confuse you at the turn and change the way that you drive. In addition, i think the rumble add imput lag and the setting cant work properly.


Breaking: ABS OFF
Steering: Normal prefered or Simulation.
Traction and stability control: OFF
Shifting: Manual w/clutch
Damage, Fuel and tire wear: Cosmetic prefered or Simulation

Good luck.

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I use the same as I did in F5, eg. 0-100 on everything, works best for me.

These settings make no sense from a physics point of view. I am glad they work for you, but they would not work for me.

Do you try it?? I forgot put in the post that you need put the Xbox in energy saving mode at your settings because the controller have bugs and imput lag in Instant on mode. Maybe there is the error but anyway the people that are interested they will use it.

The reason why I am questioning these settings is because I have gone the opposite way (lower inner, higher outer from default). It makes steering, acceleration and braking easier, smoother and more linear, in my opinion. I cannot see how your suggested settings can do anything good.

The console being on instant on does not produce input lag, neither does the rumble.
If you want to eliminate any lag in the controller then use it with the cable, it turns it into a ‘wired’ controller, with no wireless lag.
But even then, the wireless lag is pretty negligible in a game like this. It only really matters in beat em ups and fps games where millisecond accuary is more important.

And you should really have the deadzones at 0-100 or very close to it. The less you have, the less control you have.

FM6’s out of the box setting work pretty good. I switched everything to 0/100 as those have been my preferred deads since FM2; however, you car takes long to turn properly around sharp bends, so I resorted back to the default deads, and the front wheel bite and response is much improved.

I say, choose whatever suits your driving style best, though the 0/100 setting is something almost everyone should feel at home with.

Using the settings in the OP will for most people hamper their efforts. The resolution of the pots in the thumbsticks is greatly reduced with those settings. So it will be harder to drive smoothly with those settings for most people. Also other settings such as manual /w clutch make no difference to deadzone settings, and instant on certainly does not make a difference to controller settings. Instant on does cause issues in certain games. It causes awful stuttering in Dying Light for example, but that’s memory issues, nothing to do with controller settings.
If you can run well with these settings, carry on, but most of us here have long recommended 0-100 as it gives the most range, meaning smoother inputs.


If these settings keep your car on the road, you’re gonna need a new controller ASAP!

The wider the range, the better the articulation. So you’ll have the most control with 0-100. It’s all about mapping.

But don’t take my word for it. Read it from the horse’s mouth, FM6 gameplay engineering lead:

Steering Wheels and You – A (Hopefully) Helpful Guide

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Thank you very much for sharing your settings ! They really made the game finally enjoyable for me. They put the brake and throttel right on sweet spot on the triggers for me/my fingers. With the 0-100 deadzone I couldnt modulate the brake/throttel at all. I know its a bit counter intuitive with the seemingly reduced resolution but just pushing the triggers in a few mm would result in either locked or spinning tyres. Same for the thumbstick… way way better in every way now. So Although they may look off to the posters above (and for me too at first glance) I would really suggest trying the settings in the OP if you are unhappy with FM6’s (controller) handling.

Those settings absolutely would not work for me, because the granularity lost (28%, 38%, & 34%, respectively) makes everything way too twitchy for me.

For any player whose fine motor skills aren’t gross, I recommend “0-100” across the board.

I’m not saying those settings are wrong, because it all comes down to what keeps the car on the road.

But, you can’t get back what you lose from these settings. You can, however, gain much from the oft-recommended “0-100” setting.