Can someone be nice enough to help me with the in game and elite controller numbers much appreciated

I race with a wheel but on occasion do use a controller and recommend setting the adjustments to 0 and 100 on everything on the controller settings( gas, brake,clutch) if they are set less you lose some of the adjustments. Example 0 to 50 means at half throttle with the right trigger you will be 100% with the throttle. And every adjustment you make pulling the trigger is like 2 for 1 or double the result from 0 to 100. I hope I explained that good enough. LOL

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Wow that helps out alot i never knew thats what it did thankyou

I use 0/100 and works just fine but if need be 5/95, 10/90 all depends on your driving skills and whats more comfortable for you. Good luck!

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Ok iam gonna check both of yours i appreciate it

I’ve got the Elite, and a little tip is, make sure BOTH sets of Deadzones are set at the same settings, otherwise you end up with a very confused controller and game.

With the Elite, set the triggers to the 0/100 setting on the Elite app in the Specialised settings. That’s brake and acceleration. (And clutch if using it)

Then, make sure you go into the Xbox controller settings IN THE GAME in the Options Tab.

Set the Deadzones there to the exact settings you have done in the Elite Settings…

When you’ve done that, you’ll be surprised at the responsiveness of the Elites triggers. .

In the Elite, you can set up a second set of settings so you can switch between the two in the game.

One could be manual without clutch, for those top-tier. Cars that really find that don’t require a clutch,. The second set of settings can be for Manual WITH clutch. That way you can fine tune the trigger settings to say 05/95, and you can set the clutch as well.

But remember - set the clutch settings in both areas, in-game, and the Elite Controller settings.

You can change the sensetivity curve of the triggers as well. Not just take the default pre-sets that are available.

You change that by using the right thumbstick to set the distance of the curve.

Try it and see how you go. You can PM if you need finer pointers. I love the Elite. It honestly feels solid in your hands and when you pick up a normal controller, you really notice the difference
But I also have the Forza Controller, and it has slightly heavier rumble motors, a better feel in the hands, and more sensitive triggers.

I never use my normal controllers anymore. …


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I’ve been running a normal controller for a while can’t afford an elite right now. It all really is experimentation and car selection, some cars are faster with clutch and some make little to no difference. Things I’d like to be able to control though just can’t be on my standard, like expo settings for throttle control and steering sensitivity. where my feeling lacking welders hands need a bit of a cushion in the occasional over zealous turn in or out of corner throttle inputs. I know from driving high powered brushless rc IRL that adjusting the expo curve on the throttle makes mid range power more usable on twisty tracks, but a linear curve is better for flat out straight line driving or one that’s steeper than 1 to 1. Just tinker around and find what works. You can always go back to default and start over if it gets wacky.

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Just something that might help you with regards to you getting to grips with throttle sensetivity on the controller.

Until such time that you manage to nab an Elite of course. But even then, do try it out.

Grab the Bone Shaker equip it to max A Class. Then drop onto a flat or semi flat track that’s just simple corners. I used Indy Oval.

Then take it out against a mixed class Free Play. Set the Class, Drive type and Division to ANY. that way you’ll end up with a nice mixed bag of classes to race against, such as A some B and even S Classes.

It’ll be really light on traction but you can learn to control that middle section of acceleration going around the corners as it wants to let loose, even in 3rd and 4th sometimes.

By just feathering the throttle as it starts to loose traction, find the middle sweet spot and you’ll find you can have the tyres ALMOST loosing full traction but still slightly slipping, while still retaining speed and some decent acceleration.

I found it a great way to learn how to use that middle section of the righthand trigger for acceleration. It’s proved invaluable for me, as I now can use it to get off the line with the assists off, without the car wanting to just wheelspin or go sideways on the green light.

I also use the various gearbox upgrades, and the lightened flywheel in most cases. And while some say it doesn’t make any difference, I’ve found that not to be the case. Gear changes are faster, and able to maintain torque levels easier.

The Bone a Shaker is really fun to just drive when it’s like that. I suppose it could make a decent drift car, but I’m uncertain on that aspect.

Do set your Deadzones to the settings others have mentioned (0-100) as that’ll give you a broader middle ground rather than just being on or off with regards to acceleration.

Braking is the same, 0-100. As that too gives the user more flexibility with the brakes. You can “ride” the brake easier at that setting, as you have much more trigger movement before it wants to brake harder.

Plus it’s a lot of fun laying rubber coming out of a turn in 3rd lol…


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Thanks for the tips, bone shaker is the new favorite by far. THE TIRES!!! So huge ! I’ve since learned to just do a few shakedown practice laps to get a feel then go race. Been playing since forza 2. Only been on live for a little over a year. Ghosts and rivals have been great for helping my senseless fingers lol. It’s those little things that help. I taught all my kids to race games on indy oval first. Then camino, when it was still there. I did my grind to get me that Aston though, that was frustrating. But I came out a lot smoother all the way around. It was like extended practice, on crazy amounts of coffee lol.

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I too liked getting familiar with a car on the ovals, then progressing to a proper circuit, usually Road Atlanta, as I like the changes in elevation, the banking, and the need to follow the line for better speeds.

But the Oval is always fun with a tail-sloppy-happy car, like the Bone Shaker.

And always racing in cockpit mode helped me get a better idea of where the car finished, and obstacles began. Lots of trial n error stuff, but it was fun just the same. Still is actually.

Do give the huddle section a try, as you’ll find it valuable on tracks like VIR because of its blind crests and hidden 'S’s where coasting with a little bit of I put is required, not foot flat to the floor type racing like many knuckleheads do do.


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