What are your deadzone settings for controller play?


I’ve started playing Forza 6 after playing Project cars for some time, initially the feel and handling of the cars in Forza was awful compared to PCars.

I found the deadsones in the advanced settings for the controller and set everything apart from clucth to 0 inside and 100 outside. This seemed to improve things a lot for me.

Wondered if there were any better settings I could use that people have found that might work better for me??


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These are the start settings people are saying are best for oversteer problems apparently

Yeah, 0-100 for inside-out are the best settings. They give the game the most resolution and range from the controller. However, if your controller is old or worn out, you may need to start adjusting them by small amounts if your car is pulling to one side or braking constantly. :slight_smile:

I am for steering 10 and 94

I always use 0-100 for everything but clutch.

What do you guys mean except the clutch? You left it at 10-100?
You mean because on the controller it’s just a button (not analog), so it’s either on or off?

Cheers for the replies, I’ll stick with how I have them at the moment then, maybe tweak a little here and there.

I am using the 0-100 settings but the game is never going to feel as good as project cars

Yeah, I’m kind of getting the same impression. I think once everything bug wise is ironed out with PCars it will be pretty hard to beat.

I’ll always play Forza though, been a fan of the series since the start.

Yeah i’m the same been playing forza since the very first one and do like it but for the way the cars feel nothing on the consoles touch pcars

Acceleration and Braking 0-100.

Steering 5-90.

Don’t use the clutch.

0-100 on everything.

May adjust later on for higher class hardcore boards. ATM it’s hard to tell what a fast hardcore lap is in some of those classes.

I also switched from NORMAL steering to SIMULATION steering. A bit tricky to get used to, but more responsive that normal steering. My setting for steering is 2 and 98. I also do not use any assists.
The cars are much more challenging this way, but also much more satisfying once you get right.

Mine are at the default, whatever the game ships with.

I like the feel of the triggers (accel) especially that lifting off of the thottle just a hair is all I need to restore grip over a wide bending turn, and just a light tough on the throttle gradually adding pressure allows me to get out of tight corners cleanly… for the most part LOL.

I have been considering adjusting the steering deadzone however. I have felt that they are not sensitive to light touch, ie. a very small movement does very little to move the car and I have to tap tap tap a lot.