Add motorcycles

L’ajout de moto serait bien car sa pourrait diversifiée lutilisation de véhicules et apporte dautre joueurs au jeu et une ambiance différentes

Oui mais cela peut ramené des nouveau spectateur et il pourront faire concurrence a encore plus de jeux quil ne font deja et nous pourrion se diversifiée car il y a des moto dans le decort donc sa serait bien quon puisse en avoir aussi

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It’s not gta also

I doubt it would happen because it is rated E.
Imagine if the bike crashed…

Already suggested

And before that again

Hard pass from me.

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I thought I remembered seeing people wanting bikes before!

Thanks @robotiChart

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honda and yamaha motorcycles would be a great addition to forza especially doing donuts and wheelies with sick power to the rear of the bike.

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@T10ManteoMax can y’all add motorcycles? like a R1 or kawasaki H2R

No worries, it will be like with the cars, 150mph into a brick wall and it’s just a bit of paint damage. Glue the rider to the bike. :rofl: Build it from the ground up!

Build it from the ground up?? As in, build with the person in it!? If they had to use the bathroom…

Um. Never mind. Some things are better not discussed here!! :rofl: :rofl: