Add more ways to spend money (buy fuel, wash and repair car, etc)

If you played the game and collected most cars you are left with quite a bit of money. Money that’s kept piled up until you spend it on either a new car or upgrades. It would be more fun if you could spend it on more things than that. Some ideas:

  • Fuel: add fuel usage to cars so we have to fill them up before or after races. Or during freeroam. Either at gas stations or in-game menu

  • Repair damage: Damage is not automatically repaired for free after races but has to be done manually. If you want to upgrade your car or paint it, it must be repaired first

  • Wash cars: Basically same as above. Car stays dirty after races and must be washed before painting

Other ideas?

Said this in another thread, but putting a price for liveries [and that the painter gets paid more, well actually painters, tuners, and track makers should be paid more across the board] would incentivize creators to make much better quality works and make them sought after

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Running out of gas whilst trying to crack a PR stunt would just aggravate me. The onset of night time is irritating enough. For me the novelty of it would wear off quite quickly. And filling up is not going to put a dent in your cash reserves if there’s any kind of proportion to how much fuel would cost per fill.

Id love to have more ways of spending money but not about these things. Fuel managment -no

Id agree about giving money for car liveries but you should be able to preview them first.

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Make tires wear. Make different tires production companies. Not free repaint, not unlimited gas not immortal engines. All what they do as damage to car is slowing the car… but not slowing drivatar instead.

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FH5 need to fix their acutions… Why is it that, if I want to acquire a vehicle-say like a Lucid Air, why, all of a sudden in a matter of minutes, the price goes from 500,000 credits to the maximum of 20 million? It seems a bit shady…

Some people can sell cars for 20M if they reached a certain painter or tuner level.

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Interesting. The paint scheme matters? I understand the tuner level - but sometimes, it feels like I am competing against a non playable character.

Great ideas:
Fuel economy? Yes! …players would be able to switch auto-fill before each race (fuel weight impact strategy would be fantastic). In free roam petrol stations would be interesting and immersive.
Repair damage economy should be a must for FH6 to promote safe and responsible racing. Damage model should be significantly improved and increased and ideally hard locked on for all players/drivatars.
I would like to see also wear and tear economy in FH6: consumables like tyres, oil and brake pads would have to be changed regularly while some other parts would have long but limited lifespans depend on the milage and intensity of driving.
Wash cars economy would be interesting either. Obviously, everything well balanced for general purpose games economy.

My ideas?

  1. Buy rewind economy: Each rewind would cost more CR than one before. (again, everything well balanced with final race prize)
  2. Join race economy: Joining fee would depend on difficulty level and type of race but each difficult level would also have few tiers of joining fees. Higher joining fees would be rewarded with higher prizes for 1st place but also would mean bigger lose (less significant reward) if lose race. (whole economy balance required)
  3. Rent cars economy: Player would be able to hire cars for CRs with certain limitations.
  4. Selection of purchasable car auto-tune tool in form of “car engineers” as personalized characters with different margin errors depends on their price.

such a good idea!! Love it! It would also make it more realistic