Actual Rally like Dirt 2.0 or WRC 10 in Forza Horizon 5

I don’t know where else to post this but wanted to get this out.

After grinding away at the game since the early release date, I see so many opportunities to implement proper rally championships into Horizon 5. There is so much dirt to be chewed through and as others have said, the mixed surface races don’t evoke that rally championship feel.

Horizon 1 had a DLC implementation of this, a closed sprint to the finish with a basic co-driver function which was fine. Given the leaps that have been made with the tech and fine tuning of the game engine, seeing this come back would be amazing!

It’s worth noting that the WRC game license is no longer restricted to the publisher Nacon after the release of WRC 10.

At the very least, I would be more than happy to have a time trial like custom game mode where I or others could create rally stages and host our own rally championships. Wheel to wheel racing distracts from the goal of rally when playing and as far as I can tell, there is no way to restrict the race to just the player car.

There are so many great rally cars in the game, just need a game mode that will support it.

I am currently tinkering with possible ways to implement a community driven Horizon Rally Championship (HRC/ a play on World Rally Championship) and have come up with the idea to create the stages for the first rally. I have a few ground rules that I think would need to be established like:

  1. AI difficulty set to the easiest so they are the least distracting but honestly user preference.

  2. Restrict car class to rally monsters or other similar class (I mostly play with rally monsters so I can’t recall what other classes of rally exist) but a group A and B implementation would also be cool.

  3. Restrict car level to something like S1 (no more than 825) for HRC and HRC Group A restricted to A (800).

  4. Posting your results for each stage as a screen shot to ensure the above restrictions are followed in a Discord somewhere and then having moderators manage a Google spreadsheet with the results.

That’s where my head is at, rally could be a thing in this game. Not just anything but a great thing! Many of the techniques and driving styles that compliment rally from the games in the title are easy to implement based on my experience of having played all 3 fairly extensively at this point.

Thoughts? Am I crazy or is there something to this? If someone else sees this idea and runs with it, for the love of all that is good, invite me to drive!