Accolade for buying/selling car in AH impossible?

I can’t see how to do this, my most expensive car is the Ferrari 250GTO, I can neither list nor search for it on AH.
The next, my Daytona coupe is worth 30 mil, but I am capped at asking around 2.
Unless there is a specific car, I can not see how to achieve these accolades ?

you can now sell/buy laferrari or honda civic coupe 2016 for 20 million cr

Last week one of the cars allowed 20m sale. But it only lasted 1 day before dropping to 16m.

Prices fluctuate but LaFerrari has been said to be one that sometimes allows 20m sales for non Legendary tuners/painters.

Next issue is actually getting someone to buy it at that price. I boosted it with someone on TrueAchievements last week with the 2019 Raesr - Tachyon Speed.

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AFK ruined AH so you need to wait a bit. Or go with few last cars.

As written before - the Laferrari and the Honda Civic Coupe are the cars to achieve that accolade.

Tried it too the last week with the Raesr Tachyon, as it on the first day could be sold for 20 000 000 bucks, but nobody wanted to buy it though I would had bought it back immediately.

I have done it then with the Honda Civic Coupe which is almost once for a while in the auction house available, just because it was only once available or a week in the forzathon shop. I bought one for 20 000 000 and sold it five minutes later for the same price as it was the only one available in the auction house. The trick of it is to raise the start price to the same amount as the buyout price of course, not that someone snipe that car for cheap money…

As the Laferrari for long terms is a car anybody who seriously play this game gets his hands out for free, I would concentrate on the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe that is for now a real unicorn car and mostly chosen to achieve these two accolades. Funny thing is that I already seen the normal 2016 Honda Civic available in the autoshow for the same price as the coupe in the auction house, and someone has bid for a stock civic you can buy in the autoshow for 38 0000 credits the incredible amount of 1 000 000 credits - buyout was 20 000 000… lol

Thanks guys, I’ll have a look at the Laferrari :slight_smile: