I buy yours, you buy mine (20 000 000 accolade sell & buy)


is there anyone out there who would buy my Raezr Tachyon for 20 000 000 if I buy his for that price? Or vice versa? Got mine for 24h and 20 000 000 start & buyout price in the auction house now. So we could at least work out the two accolades buying one car for 20 000 000 credits and selling one car for 20 000 000 credits.

Actual this car is one of the few that everyone can put for that amount of money into the auction house so any help would be appreaciated!

Okay - time is up, the car no longer could be put in the auction house for 20 000 000. Sad noone was bold enough to choose this opportunity.

Hey, the LaFerrari can still be sold for 20 mio. I’d be down to swap LaFerraris (or you buy mine and i buy it back if you don’t have one)

I did the achievement already with a Honda Civic Coupe - but thank you for your offer!

Yup I’m on. Just posted the LaFerrari. Thanks for helping and congrats on getting the achievment!

Thanks again!

You’re welcome!

Thank you for buying the 330 P4 but there already some car masteries used - sorry for that… I would take it back if it bothers you.

No worries, bought it to compensate you for the taxes :smiley:

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Can someone sell me there ferrari 575?

The Maranello is not officially released yet. Anybody who sells this at the auction house will risk a lifelong ban from Microsoft.

Most likely it will be available in the next season as reward for seasonal challenges or in the forzathon shop. Just be patient… :wink:

Can someone buy my LaFerrari I buy it back
Gamertag Alex ASSR

I’ll put it back when the time runs out.

Would be happy if anyone would buy my civic for 20 mil and I’d buy it back for 20 mil. My GT is DavidNyland if you find the listing

If anyone is still looking to do the buy/sell for the accolade, I’m still looking to complete. Let me know.