I Quit, Giving Away 150M Credits

Lol, Who Fell For This :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Unfortunately I did as I am dead broke:smiling_face_with_tear::joy:

Lol, me too

I can give you both 50mil :slightly_smiling_face:


nah im fine, give it too people who reaaly want it

Yes please am in desperate need for it

Dude, I just bought a real Fiat 500, and I would really like a Abarth 695 in the game, but when I rarely find an auction, they are asking 20M, which is impossible for me. If you could provide me with 20M to make my dream come true or this car, I would be extremely happy! God blesses!

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I just clicked the thread for the drama.

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i can give you some credits and the abarth

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Put 5 bmw m3 08 for sale at 10mil each with a long endtime so i have a chance to buy them :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much :pray:t4:

They are up
Username is methu327

Will check if they are still there in 10 mins, did you set time to 6hours ?

I set it to 24hour

Only finding cars with 1.30hrs left, ah in forza is weird add 5 more stock bmw m3 08 with 1 hours left and all set to 10mil buyout if you have time


Did you search for them using my username

How do i do that ?