A question about FH upgrade experiences

So you folks who had been racing FH3 and then moved to FH4 when it came out, I have a question for you. The motivation for my question is that I’m wondering if any of my FH4 cars will appear in FH5, and if so will my FH4 tunes continue to work well there. I understand that there’s no information about FH5 available as yet, but I’m interested in your opinions based on earlier migrations.

I understand that FH5 will be somewhere else in the world. I’ve heard Japan mentioned. Fine with me. But based on your experience moving from FH3 to FH4, will there likely be a completely different set of cars, or can I expect to see a lot of my old friends among the classic cars still there (I mostly race the old classics, with just a few modern cars in the mix)? Will the tuning parameters likely be those we’ve accustomed ourselves to in FH4? So that if, for instance, the 1964 Ford GT40 shows up there, should I be able to use my FH4 GT40 tune?

Thanks for any experience you’d like to share.

Sorry your post hidden in the dark.

Most of time, trying to get the FH3 tunes fails. The process takes ages to result in tunes with “???” and when you try to apply one thinking it could do something even partial, you get a message that it is incompatible. For instance, none of my 5 Lexus RCF tunes were usable. I think it’s related to them modifying the parts associated to cars. On the other hand, I could retrieve Trailcat tunes even if PI was different and changes in physics made them quite useless.

End of the day, globally, you should not count on being able to retrieve and reuse your tunes for next FH, if one.

The cars will be there because you don’t have any other ones :smiley: Tunes and other stuff like Tilo38 said.