Transferring tunes from fm6 to fh3

Trying to transfer a tune from forza motorsports 6 to horizon 3 and it’s not allowing it. What’s up with that? Says incompatible parts…
Bugatti EB 110 SS
Class S1 900


Honestly the difference in PI and it’s costs you almost be better off starting from scratch.

There are differences of what engines/ and conversions between the game so maybe that’s the issue or it’s glitching. Regardless all the builds you’ve done and the PI that it was in FM6. Is way different in FH3 so your going to want to do something different in FH3.

FH3 is more comparable to FM3 then any of the other forzas motorsports games imo.

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Thanks Fall8! Yeah I just started again from scratch. Loved my Bug SS tune in 6 though. Just trying to be lazy