A progression system that's closer to how Forza horizon 1-3 was designed

Well what the title says. But still i’ll go into a more in depth explanation.

People have been asking for a proper progression. Obviously thats a little too far fetched and everyone has a lot of opinions on what that actually means.

Some say horizon should be more grindly and let you start from the bottom up. Similarly to how horizon 1 was/ nfs unbound is right now. Others will say thats too much grinding and they want to be able to hop in and have fun and dont have all the time in the world as a lot of them have jobs and responsibilities.
Basically people are trying to say that horizon is and should be either a sandbox experience or a grind. And i think neither are right. Although both groups make really compelling points.

What does grind even mean by your standarts?

Forza horizon should not be a grind in the sense of an MMO RPG. And if you go back to horizon 1-3 you can see that PG have taken a lot of compromises with their progression system that can satisfy both groups of players. You dont need to start in the fastest cars right off the bat to get what horizon has to offer. Horizon 3 did manage to capture that as it gave players a meaningful progression that feels rewarding. But not to the point of absurdity as in horizon 5 where everything is given far too easily and not earned.

Horizon 1 and 2s progression is very solid as well.

I would like to see the creative twist of the devs back into the campaign. Id like to think they’re more creative than most of us. So they’d know better how to make a compelling campaign. I rather have more linear progression. Freedom and choices are a good thing but the freedom that the current progression and campaign gives causes more harm than good.

Wheelspins shouldn’t be the main factor that moves progression forward. Also please stop treating us like children. The entire horizon 5 experience suffers from being as babyfied as possible. Including the main camapign.