Better Horizon 5 meaningful progression system

I’m fairly new to the horizon franchise. I have played 3 and 4 casually over the last couple of years and it’s a good series for car fans but what stops Forza horizon being a amazing franchise in my opinion is the progression system. They give away too many cars and rewards for free. It’s too easy to earn cars and rewards what little progression / reward system there is that’s in place, just feels meaningless and I get bored after a few hours.

The series needs a bit more structure. While I don’t expect turn 10 to change the progression system to something like gran turismo it would be great if somehow in future releases that they could incorporate two modes. One standard mode that they have now and another where you have to earn everything with more structure and progression.

Also, the game gives you so many cars at once, I’d like to try each car out to see how it handles but it just feels very overwhelming.

Absolutely agree. I in fact kind of resent the VIP status you have to get with the Ultimate versions because it excarbates this problem. I literally gave away a 100 million credits to strangers in FH4. (Even still l have another 75 mil l dont need)

I guess in FH5 l’ll just gift drop all the extra cars away if the same thing continues.

It’s Playground Games that does the Horizon Series, not Turn 10.

But I do agree with the amount of free cars. Especially how there’s the auction as well. Giving away so many free cars all of the time is too repetitive and pointless. It makes the game too easy and not as exciting, because there’s nothing to work for.

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Yeah sorry, I meant playground games, I would be a lot more invested in the game and would probably spend hundreds of hours earning all the cars and rewards if they made them more difficult to obtain and not throw rewards at you all the time. Instead I will probably play it a dozen hours until I get bored then move onto the next game. I’m hoping the next iteration of Forza Motorsport will reward you for actually playing the game and have a really good career system where you start off being a no name driver and build your career to gain access to better cars, competitions etc. Here’s hoping!

While I would like a more interesting and structured career progression, a more tedious and lengthy grind for money/cars isn’t what I would call “more interesting.”

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