Revised progression system for Single Player career mode

I know it’s kind of late for this, but I want to suggest and share it anyway. Maybe it can still benefit Forza Horizon 5, otherwise I hope it will benefit Forza Horizon 6.

Here’s my suggestion:

While I do like FH5, one of the things I don’t like is the current progression system, or better put, the lack of it. We start the game as the FH4 superstar and are greeted by our old and new friends. We then start various races to get the game going. But what we also do is unlock races and challenges far too easily. I remember unlocking the big races like Goliath, Titan, Juggernaut etc. very early on and having to 9nly win 2 races or challenges and advancing to the next part. It’s just not cool and satisfying.

I decided to approach the game by doing all the road races first, then the dirt, and so on before tackling the big races (Colossus, Titan, etc). To me those races should be locked until you finished gold on all the normal races. The game would be far more enjoyable that way. I think this is how it’s done in the 2 Expansions as well so why not in the main game?? Also, you can choose any car you like.

I would love to see a progression like this (also with a New Game+):

  • Player starts the game as usual

  • Intro races are done and we get to choose our first free car. These are 3 different D- or C-class cars

  • We race these and try to win various races given to us. Progressively we have to tune our car to keep up with faster cars with each race

  • As we win faster and more expensive cars with each race, we move up to higher classes. Again, we tune to keep up with faster opponents

  • As we finish all road races we unlock the final race, the Colossus.

  • We do this for dirt, cross country and street racing too

  • If everything is won, we finally unlock the feared Goliath race. The largest and most challenging race in the Horizon Festival!

  • We win this and preferably see a final short cutscene of our avatar receiving the grand prize!

  • Credits roll

  • In between all of this PR stunts can be used too like now to advance to the next part.

  • Stories are unlocked and are part of the requirements to advance to the next stages in the career mode

  • Races must be divided across all car classes with the final races reserved for S2/X-class

  • In the same way, faster and more exclusive cars are won as we progress. It has to make sense. For example, at the end of B-class, we work towards winning an A-class car to start our new A-class part.

  • Preferably we have some kind of antagonist that we race against or work towards beating in the Goliath race


  • This will make the game more fun for new and experienced players
  • This will make the game more satisfying to beat as opposed to doing the Goliath right away with 80% of the races left to do
  • We get to race most of the cars in the game and tune them, having to spend more credits
  • Will make the game more replayable (especially with New Game+ added!) increasing playing time


  • Might be too late to implement in FH5
  • I don’t see any other reason tbh

What do you guys think? Or how would you like to see a revised progression system for Single Player career mode?

It sounds like the progression in the first Horizon but even then new stuff popped up on the map faster than I liked. But I agree with your suggestions. Probably won’t get integrated into FH5, but if there is a sixth game, I’d like this back to basics approach. The stories, cars, track layouts, events and other stuff could be added monthly as it is now, so the player has something to challenge their champion status, but as you say, that should be earned first.

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