A few New Options In The Vinyl Editor

There are a few new options in the Vinyl editor since the update…

You can flip vinyls, and mirror them to the other side of the car. That saves you going through the long winded process of copying to the other side of the car, cut, paste, and spin.

The only other thing I want is grouped items that scale horizontally/vertically, and have transparency.

Thanks for the heads up, I was just about to transfer all from right to left on a logo heavy livery. Saves time, although it would be nice to mirror about the vinyl’s vertical axis rather than the global axis. Often vinyls are angled slightly to match the car’s lines, so after mirroring you still need to reangle.

Just noticed that if you try to resize a flipped vinyl horizontally after copying from the other side of the car, it flips upside down so you have to flip it vertically too! Also, if the only changes you have made are flips, then hitting B, which would normally ask you to save, will just exit the editor without saving. You have to make sure you do something else, e.g. cut and re-paste a vinyl, to make sure the editor realises you’ve made an edit.