Mirror part of logo

I’ve used the editor to create a few logo’s.

I know that I can mirror a shape by inverting the size on whatever axis I wish to mirror. I’ve built part of a logo using many individual shapes but when I try to mirror this using the size it only inverts the shape on the horizontal axis and if I then use rotate it just makes it the same way as the previous shape I was trying to mirror.

Is there anyway to mirror a layer that I’ve created using many different shapes to create the layer from right to left?

Put the vinyl on one side of a car, do a copy from other side on the other side of the car then save the mirrored vinyl. You can then pull this back into the vinyl editor.

I’m not trying to mirror the vinyl from one side of the car to the other, I’m trying to mirror part of a logo that is the same on the left side as the right in the editor itself but after grouping it into a layer and trying to resize it doesn’t resize it on the vertical axis but resizes on both vertical and horizontal axis whereas I’m only wishing to resize on the vertical axis to mirror the layer

I know. The way to do it in FH3 is to save out the part of the logo you want to mirror, put it on one side of any car, copy it to the other side, then save that group out as a new vinyl and pull that back into the logo you’re working on. It’s a bit of a pain, but it’s been a workaround since long before I started in Forza. Luckily FM7 has (relatively recently) added mirroring.

Many thanks I was mis-reading what you were trying to convey :frowning: I didn’t realise that I could mirror and then save as a new layer group and load back into the editor, which would’ve saved me quite a bit of time :confused:

Don’t limit this technique to just logos. For a perfectly symmetrical top side of a car … only paint one side … repeat this process to mirror what you created on one half of the top to the other half for a perfectly symmetrical top of the car.

No problem :slight_smile: