A Broken game & a Sub par Penalty system

Another Example of a Broken game & a miserable penalty system.

1 - The game should have ghosted the car so it wasn’t causing a hazard for other drivers.

2 - The game should recognise the correct driver at fault, which is rare!

3 - High Speed Collision Protection needs to be implemented ASAP. Drivers are getting rammed at high speed with no protection (I see this regularly)

Address the penalty system & Collision detection, Collision protection.

Clip below

The other bloke was probably thinking the same thing!

Drivers trying to complete a Factory Series race without pitting just leads to these kinds of brain dead scenarios.

But the game really needs high speed collision protection.

Example, ramming because they suck at driving so get their kicks from taking players out.

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Just sad ain’t it, needs that ghosting, how hard can it be to code in Car A is braking and Car B is accelerating Ghost!

A virtual rear view mirror that you can choose the location on the screen and what size it is would help as well, then you can see them coming and maybe make that slight adjustment so they go flying off into a wall

Or a system that at the end of a race you can have the option to block players by selecting them from the results, that would be a better safety rating system

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