Improve penalty system

I can’t tell you how many times I have been pushed into a wall (never ghosts them) and received a penalty. It’s my fault I was rammed into a wall? If it doesn’t gain the person time then don’t give a penalty. That’s Racing 101. It should be able to detect if someone pushes you into a wall. Otherwise it’s useless. Same thing when mistakenly hitting a wall. If it dead stops me, why am I getting a penalty? Obviously it was not intentional and I already lost time. Did you make any improvements at all? You had 3 years to do better with the system. This is what makes me frustrated. You spend time and resources on such other non sense and ignore improving the racing. Work on that for once. It’s time to give the racing in a racing game some love. Please. It’s been at least 2 and a half years since you even touched the racing aspect. Sorry to get straight to the point but it’s been a long standing issue that needs improvement.


im so tired of the idiotic little kid mentality bashing ramming non racing garbage!

you ram me on purpose and i drop back and let the other team overtake me and if we dont win … o well!

i have been doing tour all day and i had only a few races where the other players where respectful while racing and did not ram each other
all the other races i just sat back and waited for the race to end because some ignorant child like player decides to ram and bash the other players and myself in a turn.

what needs to happen is the removal of the 1st aspect of the team racing
a major set back penalty to those who dont know how to race and want to bash and ram others
make the offending player(s) restart from the starting line or even set them back 2 checkpoints or more behind the last car
make them loose all points rewards for that game/round
make it so the offender(s) will want to play normal or they cant progress!