4k Resolution Issue

So I have an LG ultra wide 4k monitor which runs at a native resolution of 4096x2160 and the issue I’m having is when I launch Forza, it doesn’t really go into fullscreen. it leaves two blank slivers in the corners of my monitor and no matter what resolution I set the game to or if the fullscreen is on or off in the game, nothing changes. The game’s resolution caps out at 4k but I haven’t had this issue with other games as most games tend to upscale to your native resolution even if it’s set at regular 4k.

Any suggestions?

Press Alt and Enter on your keyboard and tell me if that fixed it. Sometimes my window isn’t completely full screen even when it is in settings and this forces it to go completely full

I tried that but the problem is still the same, I have two black bars on both sides of my screen

bump, anyone got any idea?