24HR FORZATHON SHOP - Dec 30th & Jan 1-6th

Heads up you have less than 24 hours to collect the exclusive Santa Hat and Happy Snowman Head from today’s Forzathon Shop! Plus grab the Sesto Elemento Forza Edition for only 600 FP. This set expires at 6:30am PT on 12/31.

This set returned on January 1st for the remainder of Spring season:


Appreciate the reminder Max. I’d actually be more bummed about missing these than the cars last week.

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Presumably this will be in place until tomorrow, then there will be a real 24 hour shop, before we return back to this shop for the remainder of the week. If the same pattern was to be followed, that would mean a 300FP Sesto FE tomorrow.


Thx man…

So… We are just after christmas, and right before new year. This is time, that a lot of us spends with family or friends. I’m out of home for 2 days and I will be unable to get santa beard? Who though that this is good idea? What next? I propose 1 hour shop that starts with new years counting. PG/T10 please think about it…

I don’t get time gated exclusive content full stop. I think all content should be available whenever you have the credits or whatever the requirement is to get said item.

I’m just not in the slightest worried - should I miss out on the chance to purchase a couple of silly cosmetic items. Honestly I could live with out most of them.

We had 8 hour ones one time during FH4’s life, 1 of which was one of the PO cars if I remember rightly.

I think I remember a 3 hour time window to pick up a PO car. I had to set my alarm for 2am I think to get the car I was looking for… good times… not

Thank god there’s no PO cars in Horizon 5.

Laughs in 1932 Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe Forza Edition.

I hope the SE FE doesn’t go down to 300 as I’ve bought it for 600 :sweat_smile:

why is the santas hat available now?

that holiday has come and gone!


I picked up the Sesto. Not bothering with the other stuff as I shall continue to wear the chicken suit until the end of eternity.

I’m going to buy the Santa hat for Xmas… Wait nvm

lol. well nothing beats a quick firesale…

Get Santa hat today… same in Supermarkets. Forza horizon sponsored by Poundland.

Forza Horizon 5…the glitchy bugged mess that just doesn’t keep giving… only for a few hours if you are lucky.This game really has become a steaming pile of stinky plop.

McLaren F1 GT in the shop now.

Thanks. Hadn’t logged on today so I’ll jump on and pick that up when I get home.

Cool. Cool cool cool. So I (and I assume others) missed another “flash” sale on exclusives, because we’re busy on, shock, another of the busiest days of the year.

I want to say something offensive, but also not get banned. Use your imagination.