2 PCs - One Forza Horizon 5

Hello guys,

I usually playing FH5 on a main PC. ( Microsoft edition )
But, yesterday i wanted to play at work on my laptop.
So i installed FH5 on my laptop and played few hours.

When i go back on my main PC what a surprise , nothing has been saved !

So i check google, i tried to copy the save game folder and paste to main pc. Nothing work

Maybe you guys have a solution ?

Bad news fella.

Your save file is now lost forever. Got to start all over again…

Happened to me twice on FH4 and had to restart 50+ days of progress each time. You can thank the hopeless Xbox cloud and incompetent “always online cloud syncing feature” that PG went with.

In future, don’t click cancel on the sync, do not play on two systems and do not close your game without making sure the spinning wheel has vanished in the bottom right-hand corner before closing.

But hey, according to a few certain “users” on this forum it’s apparently “tHe bEsT rAcInG gAmE EvUr!!!” so why are we complaining, huh? :smirk:

Best of luck mate, I feel your pain.

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You just use bad platform. Buy Xbox.

And without fail an undercover “FlawlessCowboy” appears!

Were your ears burning? :fire:

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I’m not sure if this will help PC to PC but has been my backup plan Xbox to PC.
I assume the laptop has the ‘good’ save and you have not reverted to the old save.

Kill the wifi/network on the laptop and see if you can open the game.
You may need to use network to enable the online play for Xbox (MS) games, then disable wifi, network again.

If the good save is available, complete some things to create progress then enter and exit the house / festival to save.

Shutdown the game, reconnect network and restart (still on the laptop)

The game should then find the local save is newer than the online one and give you a choice which to use.

The key to this will be enable offline play, which I think I have on my main PC and you can only change this 3 times per year.

I do have PC backups, but I also sync my account over to my Xbox once per week so if ever it all blows up, I can play the home xbox offline and then resync.

Hey OP I have run into numerous sync issues switching between my Xbox series x and my PC. I now only play on my xsx.

I have lost countless hours of progress and had to redo many story chapters.

I have lost dozens of car tunes.

I even recently purchased a car off the ah for 12 mill and guess what… Lost that too