1st place overall

I was in a big race never won an event but came in 1st overall ok im kind of half and half on that does it mean you have more skill or a better driver and not the fastest intersting. I dont try to stir the pot or cause arguments its just the online racing is a little confusing on what the objective is, i always assumed it was to get finish line first while being as clean as possible.

The same thing can happen in just about any sport with brackets or points based championships. In that case, a participant might not be fastest on any one track but he or she has shown that they are the most consistent.

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The races are decided who finishes 1st. How the points work is who can get the best skill chain without being dnf’d. You can get beat by b the same guy 4 times and still win the championship with skill points which to me doesn’t seem right but that’s the way it is.

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It’s why you’ll find the online races increasingly filled with people drifting rather than going for the win. Personally I think it’s daft as it doesn’t matter how good you look - coming last is coming last in a race.


Yeah the point system is REALLY BAD. They should’ve used the system from the single player championships where your points are based on how you finish. I got screwed by the system the other night. Here’s what happened:

Race 1: Infected
I came in 4th and also tagged one of the remaining players. This put in me in second in the standings somehow.

Race 2: Team Trail Race
I finish in 1st and my team wins.(Shutout, we took 1st-4th) Some how after this, I drop to 3rd overall. Guy who won at infected is still in 1st, by about 4k xp.

Race 3: Circuit Race
I win the race. The guy that was in the overall point lead came in like 6th, way behind. I climb back to 2nd overall but somehow the guy in the lead now has an 11k xp lead over me.(no idea how)

Race 4: Trail Race
Again, I win the race. Most of the field got into a pile up early on and I dusted them. Guy that was in the overall lead came in 3rd. I end up in 2nd overall still, down by about 5k xp still.

I made it to all 4 destinations quick enough that I got the full xp bonuses too. So how should he win the championship when I won 3 of 4 events? Seriously, that’s not right.

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Yep, and I paid 90 dollars for the ultimate edition. Somehow I think this is probably my last Forza game… Nobody can seem to get anything right around here these days. Sucks… been around a minute.

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To some people they think this is fair… from one racer to u I completely agree… I find myself not wanting to play online at all because it’s not about who wins but who was able to drift, ramp, and run into things more… I’ve never played a racing game where slower is usually better lol.


Who cares? Online road trips are meant to be casual competitions of mixed events grouping together players of varying rank and skill. The point is to have fun and experience all of the different things that multiplayer offers. The fact that XP and not finishing position points determine the road trip standings speaks to how casual this game mode is supposed to be. People expecting hardcore, cutthroat competition with podiums and medals are in the wrong place. In fact they are probably playing the wrong game to begin with.

Other than pride/bragging rights, there’s really nothing gained by “winning” an online road trip. The difference in final CR bonus between 1st, 2nd and 3rd is negligible and hardly an incentive in the end. The incentive is only to participate in the road trip itself in order to get any kind of CR bonus, as opposed to doing races individually in free roam. The reward for placing 1st overall in a road trip championship is 30000 CR. From what I’ve seen it only drops by 2000 CR for every position below that, so 28000 CR for 2nd, 26000 for 3rd, etc. A typical 1st place finish in one of the race events will net you about 12000 CR, give or take depending on assists, club bonus, team bonus, etc. A player that DNF’s the race and is off pulling skillchains for 5 minutes might get 3000 CR or less.

Let’s assume a given road trip consists of 4 race events and you win all of them. You should now be sitting on anywhere between 42000-48000 CR. Even if you place 3rd of 4th in XP for the overall championship, you should still have close to 70000 CR after just one road trip. That is not taking into account level up bonuses upon returning to single player. The guy that got 1st in XP but DNF’d every individual event? He gets his 30K bonus but would be lucky to see a total of 15000 from the 4 events combined. Do the math.

  1. I care. The others in this thread care.

  2. Casual, serious, hardcore doesn’t matter. Winning is winning. Its a competition.


Yes, you won 3 races. Good job. Next time go smash a 15000 XP board instead of driving to one of the event locations and you’ll dominate the championship. I bet the 12 year olds and other casuals in the lobby will care a copious amount. Might need to shape up on those Infected skills, though.

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/care-a-lot: played online with a few friends the other day. Without drifting, one guy (who is an average racer at best) managed to gain anywhere between 2000 and 20000 XP per route (the bit you need to drive to the next event). The trick to this, I keep away from these forums but he managed to win a 4-event roadtrip beating the 4-time event-winner by almost 39000XP difference.

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Step 1 - Start a new game on a separate profile
Step 2 - Refer to an online guide for all smashable 15000 XP boards, drive by them so they appear on the map but don’t smash them yet
Step 3 - Join an online roadtrip session, DNF every event
Step 4 - Between events, instead of driving to the next destination drive to the XP boards and smash as many as possible
Step 5 - ???
Step 6 - Profit

For increased ego trip, dominating every event in Step (3) is advisable.

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Exhibit A: unhelpful tools who have nothing to add to the discussion sucking the life out of a community. OP: block their posts and this forum becomes functional again.


Says the guy who adds so much to the discussion.

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I can’t believe some people are saying “who cares” or “it doesn’t matter” … what is the point of competing in a RACE if it doesn’t matter if you win?? If you just want to drift around the place and have a fun casual cruise then surely that is what free roam is for? People joining the online road trips that consist of races and other competitive games surely should be rewarded for winning those races/competitions? That’s the whole point of a competition.