Zenin's realistic photo gallery!

Here are some of my realistic photos, poster style - you can click on them for the full resolution version.

Will keep updating these!

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Very nice mate.

Great pictures want to wee more

DUDE, what!!! So sick!

It’s almost got a hyper-realism kind of vibe. Is it chrome red paint?

its the paint flakes one in special paints (green by default) IMO this is by far the greatest paint mix I use if for every car! The base and highlight means you can match any color. It also gives a extra layer of gloss than normal metallic paint. This matches the stock Ferrari red, but just ‘pops’ a lot more with light reflections.

I’ve found some great blends of those special paints that I like to use regularly. That Ferrari really looks great! Just curious of which one it is you used specifically. I’ve tried a few different ones that turn out great but not quite like that.

Just a dark red base color, and a brighter red highlight - with a bit less saturation

Updated with Aston Martin Shots :slight_smile:

Great shots man, those LaFerrari pictures are amazing!

updated with hyuara! :smiley:

Oh man I’m really liking that first shot of the Huayra! Very nice gallery all around.

I love them all mate, especially the ones of that Aston Martin. Really well done in here.