SKYLINE0123 (Temporary) Paint Gallery! Race Paints for your virtual driving pleasure :)

Hi All! I will transfer this thread over to the Race Paint Booth on the 15th but didn’t want to miss an opportunity to share what I’d been doing over the past 3 days!

Welcome to my paint gallery, I’m a race painter but I do like to incorporate some more realistic objects into my cars and try and keep textures and logos interesting as well. I did a heck of a lot in FM5, but never caught the bug in Horizon 2. That being said, I definitely have the bug in FM6, as I’ve kicked off strong I feel with 11 paints released in 3 days!

Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Without further ado, here goes! I’m numbering my paints in the order I’m releasing them and I refuse to enter a race series without a painted car!

Japspeed '15 WRX

I wanted to try out the new flip paint and this was the first thing that came to mind as Japspeed use it in their liveries, but I wanted something a little more race based.

Takata '97 Civic

A comeback for this paint, I had it on a Ultima and the 300zx in FM5, thought it’d look pretty cool on my Civ too! Really like this car, tried about 4 different paints before I settled on this one though!

Gulf '17 Ford GT

Aww man, this car. I love it, the new look is just so far removed from the ford of old, but the retro touches are so well placed and styled. I love it and I just had to paint it. On the painting front it’s a joy, the problems of old where it was difficult to line up overlapping sections are now so smooth on this car at least, I’m very impressed! I know the Gulf thing will probably be a bit overdone but it doesn’t stop it from being absolutely gorgeous, and I did my own modern spin on it.

“Ciao Ferrari”

Xanavi 350Z

This is the regular 350Z not the 10 year special. I have always had a soft spot for the 350Z in nice dark colours, so I thought I’d go traditional logo in non-traditional colours!

Nexen SC300

Again, this started as a playabout with the new textures and paints, ended up with a fun drift style car, I’m not much of a drifter but I’ve had loads of fun with this! I have another idea for this car, I did a widebody for it on FM4, so I’m thinking of bringing it back. Loads more to do in the meantime though!

Touge Tuning '08 WRX

This was more of an accident than anything, it’s kind of a semi-replica as Touge Tuning have a '10 WRX done in a similar fashion, I was going to go all out with this one but the niggles with offsets make this a difficult car to paint so I left it when I felt it was close enough!

Evasive Evo 9

The kits for this car are awesome, I really enjoyed painting it and so far it’s my most popular download. Notice the Mitsubishi logo made of Mitsubishi logos on the roof, a touch I was pretty proud of at 2AM Saturday morning!

Xanavi R34 GTR

My namesake car, I love the R34 but rarely do anything to it but paint it blue with Volk Rims and leave it be, but had to do something with it this time! Carried over the idea of the Xanavi 350Z but in the original Bayside Blue, my personal favourite!

Dewalt '15 Camaro

This car, ooof, what a thing. It’s mean looking, and the noise is just perfect. I was inspired by Dewalt Nascar liveries, but went along the route of a more Pirelli World Challenge style layout mixed in, altogether I think it looks great and It’s one of my favourite cars so far.

Red Bull HSV

Kind of a V8 Supercar, kind of a drift car, not quite sure, but it suits all the same and I’m pleased with it!

Maserati GranTurismo

This started out as a SONOS themed car but I couldn’t get it to fit, in the end I dug up my previous Mazzer paint from FM5, did a similar basic layout and added some bells and whistles. It’s clean and sleek, there’s not much more you could want from a Maserati :slight_smile:

Well… There we go, my first foray back into the community of painters here on forums! I’ve got plenty more in the works, I hope you’ll all enjoy what I have done so far! As always, I am happy to hear any critiques or comments, and if you have any requests I’m always happy to try!

Donec ad ipsum locum currere iterum


Quality work!!

Props to you, very nice work on all. Lotta Love for the Takata Civic

Takata civic is quite nice indeed! Awesome work there mate and more generally on all of them, very well done paints.

How Did you apply the DC to the side of the wing? I did not know that could be done.

Quality work as always

Nice designs. I really like the Takata Civic and the Dewalt Camaro.

Always been a fan of your paints! That Gulf GT is lookin mighty fine

I’m really liking the look of the Civic. Very fitting with how Takata used to sponsor an NSX in JGTC and Super GT. Excellent work on the Z and the GT as well.

Hi Guys!

Thanks so much for looking and for the positive responses, I’ve been back to work so I’ve cut down on my output a but but I still have a couple of Beemers to add to my roster!

Bilstein M6

I love this car, it’s a bit of a handful but still a lot of fun to drive and I’m pleased to report that the livery looks great on track :slight_smile:

Staedler #55 Z4

I did a Staedler design for the DTM M4 so I am pleased to transfer a similar idea onto the Z4. I’m so pleased with how this turned out and it’s my favourite design so far :slight_smile:

As always, if there’s anything you like and you’d want transferred over to another car or if you’ve just got any old car request then by all means get in touch and I’ll see whether we can work something out!

Hes ne Stig, sed ipse est Stigs car pictura cognata

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The Gulf GT looks incredible!

Staedtler Bimmer is absolutely stunning mate! I am picking that one up for sure, keep up the awesome work.

Cheers, Ace


Fantastic designs, I love the WRX one. I’ll be bookmarking this page I think!