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Hello all! New game’s here, so time for new photos. Started with a Pista in Nardo Grey. Still playing with settings (trying to find out how to get the palm trees to not go into PS1 mode…) But got a couple shots in already. Oh, and this is always worth a repost - Google docs sheet with tons and tons of OEM paint colors and how to make them in game, there’s also a separate tab for wheel colors. Link.

All photos are stock/edited only through the game.

Thanks for reading!


Some BMW’s today. Isle of Man Green F82 M4, Imola Red E39 M5, and an Interlagos Blue E92 M3.

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Thank you much!

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Like they’ve been clipped from MotorTrend!

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Can’t go wrong with Isle of Man Green or Nardo Grey

Thanks for the compliments all :slight_smile:

I found some inspiration and am back with some BMW’s today, a São Paulo Yellow Z4 and a Brooklyn Grey F90 M5.

Wow those Z4 pics are gorgeous. So realistic.

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Good work on the Z4 photoshoot, I like the composition of that set

Back today with some photos of a lovely Porsche.

The framing is great on this one, good sense of movement too

The Porsche rollers look great, especially 2 and 3!

I’m loving the 3rd and 4th Porsche shots - if you told me that wasn’t a game I’d believe you!

Next is a couple photos of a replica design I did from Forza Motorsport 6, the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R. I wasn’t too thrilled with how these came out vs. the RL photos. Also, it seems my vinyl graphics are super low quality from the import. Is this fixable or a Forza treat?