Your thoughts on the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2019

I have more enouth FP but is it a pass, get or get later? And any kits?

Id say get it if you have enough it is quite possible it will be rare down the line. I am unsure I saw one post mention that it may be available in wheelspins however I have not seen it yet so I cannot confirm

I personally like it, but it is near identical to the earlier model available in the autoshow. I have both cars (won the other in a wheelspin), so I tuned them differently. No kits.

I don’t get why PG thought 2019 GT3 RS is better ratings wise than the GT2 RS. 2018 GT2 RS is better by a lot, performance wise.

Guys do you know if car pass cars will be available to get ingame somehow? I really want the 2002 RX-7, but don’t wanna buy the car pass just for one car.

You should be able to buy it separately once its released like those in previous games
But wont be available without buying that dlc

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Judging by all previous Forza titles, no. Car pass is the only way. But the 1997 RX-7 is in the game for everyone. It’s basically the same body model.

OT: The Porsche is way to overrated by the PI-system. S2 915 stock because it comes with racing tires. Not possible to decrease it to 900 as you can do with the 2016 GT3 RS. And on S2 998 it’s not competitive. Definitely not a must-have.

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I mean, if you’re in a lobby and are in a sprint race, up against twin-turbo Lamborghini’s and/or hypercars, then sure, it probably won’t be competitive; Porsche RS cars have never been about outright top speed. But, if you’re in a circuit race, then the GT3 RS will certainly be competitive.

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Have anyone got an extra '19 GT3 RS? I missed it and I sorely want one :frowning:

I feel you on that one. I would also like one. I would love to have one to have an opinion on and tune.

OT side note… I guess since Playground is a different studio they are not going to do like Turn10 finally did and just make all cars except FE ones available to buy. I mean it is only what the community wanted… This has me torn on Forzathon. I’m liking the challenges but, locking common cars behind its points sucks. I’ll be missing out on a lot of cars…

You can get them in wheelspins as well
Wasnt locked to just forzathon