Your game sucks

Still doesnt boot for me. This game will be dead in no time with more than half of us cant even play it.

IMO at this stage they must deliver a NEW BIG FREE feature into the game within the next 6 months otherwise in 6 months time only a small faction of casual players will still be playing online.

Bug fixes won’t cut it.

A paid expansion will not be accepted.

Reintroducting features removed is a start but not what’s needed.

I don’t know what such a new big free feature could be but for their sake I hope it’s already under development.

Is that so? I would say 90% it’s some problem on your side… We have a big community with people playing on 4 different platforms, including myself. XBOX Series X, PC, and even the old XBOX one, everything is running smooth and fine for all of us. No start or connection problems…

  • What are the specs of your system? I believe that you are on PC?
  • So what is exactly happening when the game crashes?
  • Any log entries?
  • Any error messages?
  • If you say the Game “Still doesn’t boot”, did you raise a ticket for that yet?

Please provide some more details to your problem instead of just “Your game sucks”, because that will not help anyone including yourself.

Although I agree with most of your comment, I don’t agree at all with the game running smoothly for most of us, when in fact most of us have been complaining about disconnection issues & lots more.


I was reffering to his words “half of us can’t even play”, which is totally not true. I am aware about the disconnects messages/disappearing problems and we also experience them from time to time, but that does not provide us from playing the game. I was wondering if the game really runs that bad on PC, so I installed it and gave it a try. Did not have any problems so far.

I once had a similar problem with ARK Survival evolved on PC which was installed through MS Store. The game crashed constantly right after the splash screen. I had to re-login to the store and reinstall the game. This happened on my clean installed new computer. After that, it never happened again. But to maybe help more with his problem we need more details.

if you are on PC try running it as administrator. i couldn’t get it running at first and that worked for me. also, turn off any background apps like game bar or geforce experience. i have heard they can cause issues as well. if all else fails, you could try to repair the the game by going into settings and reset it.