This game is an unstable mess. And the developers don't care. They likely never will

The state of this game is honestly sad. As a hardcore fan of this franchise, it’s clear they don’t care anymore. As long as people get lured into spending $100 on their game by a few cool screenshots, they’re cool with it.

This game is unstable as hell. It’s unplayable at this point. No matter what I try to do, it keeps crashing. Don’t even get me started on 15 minutes to start up the game. It’s slow. It’s unstable. It constantly crashes. I’ve restarted my Xbox. I’ve quit and reopened the game multiple times. It won’t stop crashing.

New cars are nice. But not if you can’t use them. I would sacrifice cars and EventLab updates for a few months if the devs made this game stable and usable. But they won’t. They don’t care, eh? That doesn’t make them more money.

Rather than fun, open-world racing games with great quality, the developers have gone to rushing out unfinished, unplayable games, and then never fixing it. “We fixed the stability this update!” what a bunch of bull. That’s what you’ve said the last 11 updates.

All I ask is that SOMEONE on this ridiculous development team please make this game playable again. It’s a beautiful game, but it’s hard to experience that beauty.


Which XBOX are you playing on?

One S. Which had no problem running 2, 3, 4, or any of the Motorsport games.

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I hate to say this, but I think the game has just gotten to a point that it needs a more capable console to run properly. I started out with the OneX & load times, cut scenes etc were minutes long & ok performance. Once I got the Series X, it was such an incredible difference.
I just timed the launch for FH5 from selecting it on the home screen to Festival playlist & it’s literally 42 seconds.
I know the XSX are still somewhat scarce & a significant investment, but if you find the means & availability to acquire one, you definitely won’t be sorry.

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Absolutely ridiculous. Why even put the game on XB1 if it doesn’t even run properly?

Unfortunately switching consoles isn’t an option for me, as I’d lose all my saves


Yeah, I understand & sorry, I know how frustrating it is. If you do get to a point that it’s an option for you though, you will be able to transfer everything over.

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Even my account, which I don’t have the login to?

Not sure if I could transfer that without the password


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Well I just assumed you had an account; now I’m confused :grin:

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Lol. My brother made this account for me a lonnnnnnnnnng time ago (Like Pre-FH3 days), and I’ve used it ever since.

He decided to not give me the password and then forget it himself.


Ahh ok. They don’t have PW recovery?

I don’t even have the email


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Basically, everything I have is on this account but if I have to change consoles I’m completely screwed

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Yeah, I’ve got nothing :smile:

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Well you’re gonna have to change consoles one day…

I play on xbox one (standard) and I have long load times, but no crashes to speak of. Hope to get a Series X within the next year. Fortunately I have the password for my account.

Although I play on a PC from time to time I’ve played Horizon 5 on my Xbox 1S. Think I may have had one crash only on the XBox.

Can’t see you would lose your saves as the game is saved on the cloud. All you do is log into your account on another machine.

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Read the above comments

Surprised you haven’t had crashes on the One…happens to me every time I play


Just recently got a Series X, and having played Horizon 5 on the One S myself for the last ten months, the difference is night and day. Horizon 5 on the One S, quite frankly, is bad. I’d put it up there with the Xbox 360 port for Horizon 2. If it weren’t for the console shortages due to the pandemic, I would agree that a port for the One consoles should’ve been abandoned altogether, which is why I’m glad the developers behind Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown have abandoned their efforts of making a One/PS4 port of it.

That isn’t to say the Series X version of Horizon 5 is completely flawless. The hideous canyon tunnel with the foggy void in front of it is still there, lighting in all of the tunnels is still casts a weird silvery glow on your driver and the cockpit, and your still have to sit through the Festival Playlist reloading sequence each time you quick resume.

But, on the Series X, load times are vastly shorter, textures on the ground and on the racing gloves properly render, your character animation when using the chase cams is smoother, complex EventLabs can be played without a drop in framerate, the sound design is more in-depth, and it can all be played in 60 FPS with barely a drop in graphic fidelity. Seriously, if you can, kick the One S to the curb as soon as you can.


I honestly wish I could. But I have so much into this game. Exclusive cars I’ll never get back, all of the progress in the campaign, etc.

Win win would be if the game actually worked on every platform it is available on…but why would the devs do that. Then they couldn’t force One players to spend 100 dollars more on another copy of the game, could they.


You should be able to contact Xbox support and recover your password.

You “should” be able to upgrade consoles and not lose progress as data is stores in the cloud. I say “should” because this game has had known issues when playing on multiple platforms. In any case you should be able to transfer all games/data between consoles should you choose to upgrade.

Worth a shot but I doubt they’d give me my password if I don’t have the email either