Your craziest Eliminator finish

What’s your craziest Eliminator finish? I’ll start…

I’d gotten off to a bad start. Guessed the direction a bit wrong, had to dodge a building so I skidded out, brushed a tree. Towards the end I could see the lead pair. And I never give up…


I don’t have a clip but back in FH4 I did the near impossible and literally flew through a massive patch of forest without hitting any trees to come back from behind and win. It was the most epic moment ever.


Cheater :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t remember the specifics but I had a few ridiculous last-moment head-to-head wins while completing a recent playlist task. In one of them I was completely dead after tagging a house, but just as my opponent reached the finish they totally whiffed on it, and I managed to recover and get there first.

I was in some sort of mid range car - I think it was a Lancer. The other guy was in a Bronco. I won it at the death when the Bronco hit something and somersaulted wildly. I nearly split my throat laughing.

I got a good win when some lad in a Lamborghini tried to psycho ram me into a river or into a tree or whatever. If the guy had focused, he would’ve outpaced me and won the thing overall. Instead I won it, when he hit something.

I had a few good wins near the end once when the zone was small. I mapped out a part of the road I could go on whilst my rivals tried to storm the forest. I won a couple of head to heads that way.


Kind of off topic, but IMO it counts as “crazy finish”.
I feel that most of the time I’m that person crashing on last straight and there is that one final race that is still in my head despite being months old.
Final circle was at the west end of highway. I’m pretty sure I was in lvl8 GTR. Gave myself good run up and exited the circle in east direction right before the end of countdown. I was heading in good direction, all competitors were far away, so had a quick look at the map. Finish was behind Teotuhuacan temple/pyramids, so I knew that I will stick to highway. Meanwhile lvl10 has caught up. After the big bridge he went cross country and I stayed on highway. No surprise - he crashed. And here is me, last straight, full speed, finish point right in front of me and somehow I managed to wedge myself between the trees few meters before finsh point. Before I got out lvl10 reached finish.

EDIT: two extra photos for context, as not everyone knows the layout of all the trees on the map :wink:

There was literally nothing to crash into except for the last two trees. That is how bad it was :upside_down_face:


One of the best win was when I have lvl 2 Audi and I won three lvl 10 cars Bronco, Funco and Lambo. Final race start was on highway near solar panels and goal behind Teotihuacan pyramid. Everyone goes right direction but I drive full speed straight through pyramids and I won!

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each is so unique and special, eh!? i mean, each round let alone the W’s … of 9 thus far for me, the 4th def most thrilling !!! FULL ROUND YT VID [ Highlight: Eliminator W #4! - YouTube ]

the lesson and message is clear - always check your radar! i was swearing this was a tie but i boxed out last sec and whhhoooot!

sort-of fits here; I nearly won in a mini in Horizon 4, I was closest to the finish, I could see the end-point, maybe ten metres away, with second place only just appearing on the mini-map but - surprisingly - it wasn’t a tree that grew out of the ground to thwart me, it was a rock, ended on the roof even closer to the finish . . . I call it a moral victory

Only two of us were on for the win. 3rd place hit a building so there are a good few seconds between the lead two and the rest.
Neck and neck through the trees, only one of us can get there first.
We both flew through to the finish point but I was just off. Missed it. All over…
… Except the other guy also missed by the same margin and I turned around quicker to win.
Basically we both skimmed either side of the finish in mid-air.

P2 in the Lambo Centenario, a Tier 10 car. I got beat by the Exomotive Exocet Off-Road, a Tier 6. Ive been having fluctuating reulsts since. The best result I’ve had since the P2 finish is a P4. So its a bit crazy

So the final circle is on top of the volcano, which was odd. Somehow I ended up getting knocked off the road, and I’m stuck in a draw. I’m in the RJ Anderson truck and I’m having to floor it uphill just to keep from falling outside the circle. When the final showdown hits I roll down that southern draw and it give me a huge lead for the win. I went from hanging on for dear life to not get eliminated by the circle to turning around to win.

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Lucky. Thats a massive amount of luck for you. Sometimes i have my older brother (who i share a room with) help me and he told me to head up the volcano in the Tier 2 VW Golf during a head-to-head race. That was a pretty idiotic move.


Massive. I hate the volcano on eliminator and avoid it if I can. I was in a tier 8 vehicle and couldn’t even get up it (though the circle was complicating things, I probably would have found a way around if the circle wasn’t trapping me in the draw).

Not final,but a h2h finish. Me in l3 oppo in l5, neck and neck to finish,him on road,me offroad but downhill so had a speed advantage i think,but the finish was the other side of one of those tents,just had to pick my line and…‘ARENA SHRINKING’ appeared right over the tent i was trying to avoid,couldn’t see the line,crashed into tent.Swore ,a lot.
On the flat it would have been fine,but as i was above the tent it got right in the way

Luckily i was recording. The crazier part is towards the end as i hit a building as i jump in guanahuato and almost loose the final race. Luckily a player thats been behind me also crashes into another building near me. 2 other players crash as well.I managed to recover fast as i only hit the edge of the building and grab the win.

This is my 2nd win the eliminator.

Did that in a P4 once

Anyways here is a blow by blow on a Beetle win with a huuuuuge lead:

How I won the eliminator in a Beetle in only my second serious attempt - Forza Horizon 5 / FH5 Discussion - Official Forza Community Forums

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And in what was one of my most embaresing wins ever I just won in the Mini against a Funco F9 and Andreti Beetle

Will post link when uploaded

Edit: This is frankly very embaresing

Forza Horizon 5 Eliminator: Brain OFF in the Mini against Funco F9 and Andretti Beetle - YouTube

I get how you feel. I was doing the Eliminator a week or so ago and I finished 2nd in a level 5 Ford Focus RS (the 2017 version, not the '03 version). I somehow managed to get a P2 and I WAS IN THE LOWEST LEVEL VEHICLE IN THE FINAL SHOWDOWN!