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You won your first race?


I agree, BBC HYS for the race is already in meltdown.

Mercedes still won the constructors by 28pts, that tells you how much more Verstappen has had to do just to keep pace in the RB let alone become WDC.

1st time since 2013 Merc haven’t had the WDC, I’m more than happy to see a change regardless of circumstances.

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Oh, it’s about some real stuff?

Oh, F1? I used to watch that, 20+ years ago.

I’ve never been so emotionally invested in a championship as I was this year.

That was blood, sweat and tears.

Also enjoyed Michael massi telling toto “it’s called racing” far too much. I need a lie down.

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The way I see it - that was Massi’s obsession with let them race deciding a world championship.

Max is a phenomenal talent but with Lewis 10+ seconds ahead before the incident & Max having a free pit stop with his team mate behind - allowing him to stick on a fresh set of soft tires. Then releasing just the lapped cars between them, before the restart for a 1 lap sprint finish with Lewis on hard tires that have done most of the race & Max on fresh soft tires - it wasn’t much of a race but no doubt great TV.


Well all that may be true but Verstappen’s the only reason this wasn’t yet another comfortable, rarely troubled stroll of a season to a world title for Hamilton, Bottas was nowhere near and the other cars are so far off the Mercedes that only somebody getting close to the absolute maximum out of one of them for the entire season would even get close to challenging Hamilton.

Even if he’d lost it Verstappen’s still driven a lot better than Hamilton this season in terms of how much they’ve got out of their respective cars, if they both drove at the same standard the RB would get nowhere near the Mercedes, I mean just look at the team’s 2nd drivers, Perez is a good driver but finished 36pts behind Bottas despite Bottas retiring from 4 races compared to his 2.

That Mercedes is still in a different league to the rest of the field, I only see Verstappen’s time as WDC being short-lived before business as usual returns next season.

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It’s rather disconcerting I’ve seen better officiating and racing right here on this very game than I have out of Red Bull and the FIA.

What an absolute mess. Race Control needs to get cleaned out before 2022.


If it weren’t for Chain Bear randomly showing up in my recommendations years ago on topics applicable to Forza, I would have no idea what you’re talking about.


Hands down Max is an exciting new talent and reminds me of Lewis back in the day.

The RB car was faster in testing and has proved to be faster at a number of tracks, Merc have done a good job of developing the car to the point where it appeared they were at least level with the RB if not slightly ahead.

Perez has done a decent job compared to Max’s other team mates, Bottas has been solid but not challenging really at any stage.

Max has had a lot more ‘incidents’ of a dubious nature than Hamilton, who has often chosen to avoid contact with his rival, whereas Max appears to have been happy to take the contact at times - but then he was ahead on points and wins if neither of them score he wins.

I know I was just looking at it from a whole season perspective, regardless of the incidents I believe if Verstappen hadn’t driven at such a consistently high level today’s race would have been a dead rubber as Hamilton would have won it races ago.

We obviously have differing opinions but I just think if the Mercedes + RB were that closely matched then Perez-Bottas would not necessarily have been as tight as Max and Lewis but it would have been much closer, 36pts despite retiring 2 times more is a huge gap to beat somebody by and I don’t think Bottas is that superior to Perez that that is all down to him alone.

Since the start of FH4, I’ve found the fact that the AI consistently dive bombs down the inside and brakes in the corner to block you off irritating but now I’ve realised it was just realistically based on Verstappen’s driving style. Kudos to the devs for getting it so accurate :+1:.


Thx. Nice.

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@ Sfumato - it’s not over yet as Merc have a couple of protests in.

I’m totally cool with Max winning, just seemed a totally unfair way to win it. Whether that’s down to race control or the stewards or the inconsistency we’ve seen throughout this season in decisions - I think the drivers (as well as us) want to know what the rules are and that they should be applied fairly across the year.

This is really a post that should live in another area of the forum, so will sign off on that note.

Verstappen is a superior driver to Hamilton.

He has Hamilton’s skill, but an even bigger obsession with winning.

I suspect Hamilton has finally found his match… If both were at Mercedes, Max would overwhelm Lewis.

Interesting that Max was lucky when Alonso wasn’t. Same race, but one got stuck behind Petrov and the other benefitted from Latifi’s timely crash.


What was it Alain Prost said about Ayrton Senna?

“Senna has one small problem: he thinks he can’t kill himself.”

Really, between Verstappen’s “driving” and Race Control being largely unwilling to put a stop to that nonsense, this season - which was the first I seriously followed in a long time - will be the last I seriously follow for a long time. This weekend shouldn’t even have been a thing after last weekend, when he decided that brake-checking was an acceptable tactic. If Formula 1 wants to debase themselves by being NASCAR with tuxedos and martinis, then I’m just going to stick with sportscars and IndyCar.

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Max did not brake check Lewis.

However, he did, hmmm… move a little too much to the left.

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Jackie Stewart getting battered with downvotes on the BBC text updates tells you all you need to know about how most of my fellow Brits get when it comes to sport, even though most of them are probably just plastic fans who don’t even know a handful of the other drivers + only ‘follow’ F1 because a Brit has been dominating it for years.

Us British love nothing more than a bandwagon that provides reflected glory and we can’t bear to see or hear anything that says it isn’t as perfect as we think it is.

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I thought you were cheering for ManteoMax after he repaired some Forza glitches.