Xbox sets up a new "game preservation" team. Actual concern or a marketing shtick?

Is it just me they seem to give a whole other meaning to “game preservation” than what it actually means to most of us? If you’re not reading into this you’d get the wrong impressions.

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Not sure, sounds like backwards compatibility will still be there for future consoles, which is good cause I definitely still wanna be able to play FH1,2,3,4 and FM6,7. Would be also cool to be able to play Xbox 360 titles like FM4.
The “forward compatibility” part is sounds good too, if they already program FM to be able to work on the next console hardware, then the gamers don’t have to choose a console based on the games. All games for all consoles and vice versa.

Don’t really get what your point is, “game preservation” is just a job position.

Is game preservation really just about backwards/forwards compatibility? Didnt they already had a team responsible for this? And If so how is that current team priority any different?

How about making sure the games like FM continue live past it getting delisted. Will always online games eventually get an offline patch? Maybe a comitment to keeping games on the stores for the long run? How about bringing back delisted titles? That’s what I think when i hear about game preservation.

They literally say they’ll work on compatability so that future generations can enjoy array of xbox games. Well how does that make sense when these games are long gone from the stores?

A lot of questions for me personally and it casts more confusion than actually clearing the air. Ive listened others comment on this and most of their assessment is based on speculation. Ultimately to me it seems they just used “game preservation” as a marketing catch phrase and so if you didnt really dig enough into it, you’d think they actually have something to say about it. But they don’t.

Amidst the crew 1 getting brutally killed off this isn’t what i expect to hear.

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They’re most definitely protecting themselves from saying anything specific because this way they can easily change course depending on what benefits their interest.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.
That sounds quite bad. Most likely it’s just marketing, as they always do it. They should definitely put a more specific statement out there.

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