[XBOX ONE X] High Pitched Noise During Races & Long Installation Process

Some history first - I just installed FM7 yesterday on my Xbox One X from disc. During the install, it also downloaded over 60GB of data to ‘update it’. FM7 is the only game installed. During the 5-6 hours that I had it on, the install has only reached around 47%, but I was able to play some single player races. I’m new to gaming, so trying to just keep it on the black stuff is hard enough, without having to figure out how to do so with a controller (last time I played any sort of racing game was on a PC 4 or 5 years ago, and with a steering & wheel.

I have a couple of questions (which I can’t find answers to as the search option keeps giving me an error) about it so far.

  1. During some of the races, I am getting a high pitched noise which is constant. As I said, I’m new to this, but the noise is terrible. Of the dozen or so races I’ve done, there is no logic to when this happens, or for how long, but in most cases it lasts for over 75% of the race. I could sort of understand if I had installed a ‘hacked’ copy of FM7 on a Windows PC, which has that many combinations of drivers, depending on the hardware, but this is a brand new Xbox One X with an authentic FM7 disk, as well as all the official Xbox One X updates issued by Microsoft. If I was using a PC, I’d ask for suggestions or possible solutions, but what do you do here with a Xbox?

  2. How long does the installation process take? Seriously, 5-6 hours installing from disk, as well as downloading an additional 60GB, and it hasn’t even got to 50%. When I was playing the game, there were lots of times when it said it was ‘loading track’ or installing something. Even trying to look at the cars was hit and miss, as you could see one or two from one brand, and then nothing but a little spinning wheel for everything else. Does the TV have to be switched permanently to the Xbox HDMI source during the install process? The reason for asking this is that since I was just starting to install the game, I changed the source so that I could watch a film whilst it was installing, and noticed that at least once, the Xbox had shut itself down.

I can somewhat answer the second part of your question.

The speed of your Internet comes in play when downloading the 60 GB update you mentioned. If your Internet isn’t fast enough and on top of that you are streaming videos or you have dozens of devices connected to your WiFi then expect the installation to take a while. Put your Xbox in instant mode, the update should complete overnight. I have 400 MB cable modem, I can download the ultimate version of the game which is almost 100 GB in only 80 minutes.

I’m on a 40MB connection, but apart from general browsing and watching YouTube videos, I thought it should be quick enough. Haven’t had it on today, so will set it to instant mode and leave it overnight, and check in the morning.

I’m more concerned about the terrible noise it makes when in some races.

Last post hasn’t been approved yet, but in the space of 10 minutes of having the Xbox on, I have had this high pitched noise twice, each time lasting at least a minute, and whilst just going through the menus. More importantly, the noise isn’t coming through the TV speakers, it’s coming from the Xbox itself.

Make that three times now!!!

My TV is placed above my Xbox and I thought the high pitched noises were coming through the TV speakers. Anyway, I haven’t had to deal with any noise since the November update (fingers crossed). After the updates have been successfully installed, cold boot your Xbox by holding the power button down until your Xbox turns off completely, wait a few minutes before restarting your console and then launching the game. While the Xbox is off, inspect the Forza disk for dirt and scratches. If it still was a widespread issue, there would’ve been dozens of threads here about it. I remember at one point it was an issue but not any longer. Also see if any high pitch noise is present while playing any other game, if yes, your console maybe defective. Last but not least reseat the HDMI cable at both ends, hey you never know.

Well, I’ve used the Xbox once more, and the noise is infuriating. I’ve also been searching online for any pointers, and my description of the noise is nowhere close to what others have experienced. I’ve even watched YouTube videos of people complaining about the noise the console makes, and even with my volume set to 100%, I can’t hear what they are complaining about. My best comparison of the noise mine is making is like a three year old girl screaming. Now if anyone has experienced that from younger sisters or nieces, you know that the sound just goes straight through you. It’s that bad that I don’t want to use it.

I also noticed that the install process is still sitting around 70+%. Seriously, I bought the disk for this so that I would have a hard copy, and more to the point, a quicker install procedure, but the 60GB ‘extra’ that it required should have been downloaded ages ago, or does this 70+% mean something else? Does it have to do with cars being installed as well, as I’ve selected a car and then got a message that it is being installed.

What about these DLC symbols that I see next to individual cars? There are ones that are green, and others in black. From the little time that I’ve used the console, which is becoming less with the incessant noise, am I right in saying that the ones with the green DLC icon are part of the original game, and that the black DLC icons are additional ones that you pay ‘actual’ money for (not the game credit).

The console itself was updated before installing the game, so I should have the November update. Are you saying that when I choose to shut the console down from the main menu, it isn’t powering down completely? As for the disk itself, it was bought brand new and was perfect when I put it in the console. As for trying another game, that will be difficult as I don’t have any others. Can I download a game demo from the Microsoft store?

Finally, I’ve watched about six Ultra HD Blu-ray films with it, and never had any issues with noise.

yes first download the demo version from Xbox store to see if any noise is there too or not. If there is no noise present in the demo version, then it is possible your installation files somehow have been corrupted. Perhaps launching the game while it was being installed caused this. You should then uninstall everything and since you have no other game installed, refresh your console too by factory resetting it from the settings menu and choose “Remove everything”

During setup process, select instant mode. Install the game again Just remember to leave your console in instant mode so your game gets downloaded & installed overnight.

Decided to install the Forza Horizon 4 demo today to try that, while busy doing some DIY. Before doing so, I changed the power settings to NOT power down while idle, so that there were no interruptions during the download. No other network traffic and finally managed to get both Horizon 4 downloaded AND the remaining 30GB of Motorsport 7 downloaded. Installed Horizon 4 and then started it. Let it run through the demo, and within a minute of ‘taking’ control of the Senna, the console starts with the noise again. I’ve now powered down the console as suggested above and will leave it for a while. If I still get the noise from either game, I’ll try the system reset and try again.

Not a Motorsport 7 question, but does Horizon 4 drive differently? I tried the demo and could hardly keep the car in a straight line, never mind going round corners, yet with Motorsport 7 I’ve been able to complete races.

Just an update on my last post. Contacted Microsoft on the phone and then got it sent off to Germany for repair. 19 days later and I get it today. Left it for two hours just to acclimatise it, after it been lying in a van. Powered it up, ran through the setup (again), and downloaded the only update available (Windows Store). Then proceeded to download Forza Horizon 4 demo. Once installed, went into the demo, and within 10 minutes, got the exact same loud noise from the console. It went away after about 30 seconds, and I just drove the car everywhere it would go, and got the noise again about half an hour later. Spoke with Microsoft again, and it’s back in it’s box again, ready to be shipped back to Germany.

Not what I would call a great introduction to gaming consoles. A £400 console that has played 6 UltraHD Blu-rays over the course of 10 months, and can’t play any games without an infuriating loud noise from the console. That, and a repair that didn’t fix it, and a warranty that expires in a months time.

I feel bad about all the pain you are going through with this console. In case problems remain after you have received your Xbox, call Microsoft and demand a brand new one. Do not agree to have you Xbox shipped to Germany again.