Game freezes on xbox one x

So I got xbox one x project scorpio edition downloaded the game and played a couple of races then the game suddenly froze with high pitch sound and send me back to dashboard,it happened on the car selection menu.I am playing other xbox one enhanced titles fine for example gears of war 4 plays perfectly fine.This game is not optimized well for the xbox one x please fix the game.


Car selection is very slow and plagued with bugs.

I tried to browse cars by handling today for Nurburgring and ultimately gave up because it is painfully slow or sometimes even the cars do not get displayed properly anymore of you browse too fast.

Very annoying for a game with so many cars.

Please try to fix this.

First, make sure your game accepts all the updates since it was launched officially in October. That sound seems to have been fixed in one of the updates.

Otherwise, you should post all your information (including the build number on the lower left corner as the game launches) in the Support forum here:

Game plays fine on both my x1x, looks better, loads a tad faster than on my x1s. Seems optimized to me.

I play FM7 on three different consoles, picks up on next console where I left off on previous console. And two of those consoles rely on my Mobil hot-spot for logging in to live due to my wireless internet bandwidth of 1Mb not being able to gather information faster enough for live. Works fine for steam games, PS3/4 and WoT, but not live.

I’m not being sarcastic or anything, because this happened to me. But make sure your power cable is plugged in to the Xbox completely. My Xbox and FM7 turned off completely on a number of occasions. It appears that users have not been pushing the power lead into the console as far as it will go. I figured it actually needed a considerable push to connect to the power supply. Since then, I’ve had no slow console lag, or crashed games. Just a thought.

My power cable is plugged completely and this is not my first xbox i’ve had the xbox 360 and the xbox one s so I know how to install a power cable.I believe that this has to do something with the game because I don’t have any problem with other games I played Rise Son of Rom for 7 hours straight and I had no issues also I played gears of war 4 for 5 hours straight which is xbox one x enhanced by the way and had no issue.That means forza 7 is not well optimized for xbox one x.

it will load first screen up then it is freezing up asp get back