FM7 won't install on Series X

I don’t know if this is just me but, every time I try to install FM7 onto my Series X, it won’t go a second without saying “Installation Stopped”
I seriously need answers on how to solve this

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Probably something up with your connection back to Xbox Live. I just installed FM7 on my new Series X and didn’t have any problems. Use the Settings->Network area to confirm the status of connectivity with Xbox Live. Find one of the smaller Free with Gold games and see if a download of one of them installs correctly.

I believe I had a similar issue. Did you have the game installed on another separate HDD? For me it was the case on my One X. Make sure you delete all files (your saves are supposed to be on the cloud anyway) and try installing again.

I’m having this exact same issue, stopped at 5.73Gb when offline and 6.74Gb online. I do have it installed on my One X so I will try reconnecting that to the network and removing all saves and uninstall.

Still no luck whether I try to install this offline or online.

I uninstalled FM7 from the Xbox One, removed all saved games from the console storage, restarted all consoles and it still won’t get further than 6.7Gbps when installing via CD.

It was installed on my Xbox One and then I uninstalled it to make space for FH5, then I got my Series X and this is where we’re at now

I have FM7 on disc

Any scratches on the disc - I believe on the Series X an enhanced version of the game gets downloaded onto the SSD.

Going through this right now also. I got stopped at 33% twice. Started the game up and this time got to 39% stuck. Deleted my saves and started it up and forza did a sync (cloud). Still stuck?? But the game is ready to start

Hi, did you get through your installation issue ?
It seems I have the same problem with a second-hand version bougth yesterday.
If you have any suggestion ?