Can't install forza motorsport 6

I tried to install this game from a disc on my xbox one s but about 15% through it says installation stopped andit won’t download. I was wondering if anyone can help.

Ive had the same problem with Forza 5 and Forza 6. Reaches a certain point in the instilation then stops and wont install any more. Ive tried everything, deleting local save data, hard reset etc. And nothing has changed.
I wouldnt be surprised if this is caused by a console update that makes it impossible to play previous versions of Forza so youre forced to purchase the latest version of the game.

Your sure you have enough space right?

Thats not true either i consistently play fm1 all the way up to fh5 with no downloading issues (of course where it can be downloaded lol)

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fm1? original xbox games as far as discs aren’t compatible normally with xbone? Only the one’s they have in the store that have been made backwards compatible?

fm1 is backwards compatible on the 360… also why I stated “where it can be downloaded”

Use the Xbox app and download fm6 to your console.

Will need the disc to play obvs

Ok I didn’t know you were on the 360, sorry.

Your good I probably should have specified but been playing since the og fm1 on the og xbox and I could never get rid of my consoles :sweat_smile: way to many memories on them.

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