Xbox One Upload to Youtube strikes

Hey guys,

So I started playing Horizon 2 and I’m loving every minute of it that I started using Upload Studio to capture some of my drives to show friends and then uploading it through the YouTube application on the Xbox but noticed today that I’m getting copyright strikes because of the in game music.

Is anyone familiar with dealing with this sort of thing?

Do not use the in-game music. Turn off your radio when capturing.

There is a very long thread about the music (in general) but since you don’t hold the copyright to the officially licensed music, you cannot upload it on YT.

If you really must have music on your videos, there are some channels on youtube dedicated to giving out royalty free tracks for use in non-commercial videos.

If I remember correctly as to how it works, the only reason you would receive a “strike” is if you are trying to make money off of your YouTube account; that is: you have the monetization feature turned on. For non-monetized channels, you should only receive a notification that copyrighted content has been recognized on your channel; at which point, you can hit a button to state that you acknowledge this and you will be allowed to keep your video as is.

If your account is set up in regards to the former, you absolutely need to be aware of the content you are posting regardless as to whether or not the music is a part of the game since you have decided to try and make money from your videos. Thus, you will need to turn the in-game radio off when you are recording. If your account is the latter (non-monetized), YouTube is allotted protections under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and will only respond to remove your video if the copyright owner specifically demands your videos be removed.

For example, my YouTube account has several videos which use copyrighted music that does not belong to me; however, my channel is not monetized and, as such, I acknowledge the existence of copyrighted material in my videos, have been permitted to publish without edits and have no penalty associated with my account.

Today I posted a video which had the introduction in to Forza in it and it had copyrighted material aparenately except it wasn’t a radio or anything I could switch off I also now face a problem of 5 videos that captured everything about my game which include the music of the radio so now I am completely stuck because of this since half of my content from my horizon 2 view will be missing! This is so annoying and I may even have to restart the game and restart my series :angry: