XBox One Controller - Steering stays on left stick even when configured on right stick [PC]

I use the Xbox On Controller on PC and have a custom configuration. I moved the steering on the right stick (lefft/right) and throttle and brake on the left stick (up/down). That works, but the steering still remains on the left stick (left/right) as well (in the controller view it says ‘not used’ as expected).
I.e. if I accelerate with the left stick and do not move the stick completely straight up, then I always have steering movements.
This is very disturbing. The steering should only be on the stick/buttons that you have configured.

2023/12/24 - Problem still exists. Added Screenshot of my Controller layout - left stick ‘left’ and ‘right’ not used but, as described above, you can steer with left stick

The same bug is on Xbox, I assume it is tied to another, that I’ve posted couple days ago:

Seems to be fixed. Whoever that was - thank you! :+1:
Now I can finally race properly :racing_car:

Unfortunately, the issue I was writing about is still broken.