Xbox Elite Controller 2 - white

Looks like a new white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller will be announced soon. A video has been leaked of one with a white face and black grips.

Still waiting for the announcement of a Series 3 Elite controller.

I would be interested to know how they can improve upon the current generation of elite 2s. I am aware that many brand new elite 2s have issues so they could improve that but that’s not exactly a new feature. Maybe more stick options, improvements to back peddles, grippier triggers? Idk the current series when functional is pretty solid.

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I definitely like my Series 2 100% more than the first gen that I owned. About the only big improvement I could see is an additional button on the front for sharing. Where the Series X|S controller’s share button is, the Elite Series 2 controller has the profiles button. I currently have the one of the controllers set to do a screenshot. I am sure there are people who want haptic feedback like the PS5 controller.

I’m holding off on getting any Elite controller until they switch to an electromagnetic Hall effect sensors for the thumb sticks. I bought my son a GuliKit KingKong Pro 2 controller for his Switch, but it has issues with that console. However, it is a godsend on PC. He’s put it down because he primarily plays on the Nintendo, so I got to test drive it. I’m thinking this is going to stay right here, on my PC desk.

I like the premise of Microsoft’s Elite Controllers. I just cannot except that something that has the price it does, is still susceptible to stick drift, and other QC issues. If the thumb stick drift was fixed, then I can see spending the money for an Elite. But until then, I sadly have to avoid taking the plunge.