Xbox Elite Controller 2 - white

Looks like a new white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller will be announced soon. A video has been leaked of one with a white face and black grips.

Still waiting for the announcement of a Series 3 Elite controller.

I would be interested to know how they can improve upon the current generation of elite 2s. I am aware that many brand new elite 2s have issues so they could improve that but that’s not exactly a new feature. Maybe more stick options, improvements to back peddles, grippier triggers? Idk the current series when functional is pretty solid.

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I definitely like my Series 2 100% more than the first gen that I owned. About the only big improvement I could see is an additional button on the front for sharing. Where the Series X|S controller’s share button is, the Elite Series 2 controller has the profiles button. I currently have the one of the controllers set to do a screenshot. I am sure there are people who want haptic feedback like the PS5 controller.