[XBOX] Can't complete season championship 'Skyfall'

After doing the first race of the ‘Skyfall’ championship, I cannot continue with the second (Highland Rush) one. Whenever I start the race, it will start the Street-Scene-Race (which is there usually at the same position) instead of the championship race. After completing that street-race, the ‘Skyfall’ championship is reset (no more white icons on the map). When I drive to the first race again, it will ask if I want to reset the current championship (but theres none).

Trying to complete the street-race a second time caused the game to crash when driving over the finish line.

When trying to start the second championship race, the screen will at first correctly display that the championship will continue (it will list the rewards page for the season-race). On the race preparation screen, it will display random street cars in the roster, instead of the season-event cars (DB5). On the championship points screen (it correctly displays it’s the second race), it will only display my results from the first race, no other car.

Is there any way I can still complete the event? Thanks! :slight_smile:

As strange as it is, yes, that unregulated street race is part of the championship and you should be able to continue beyond it as normal, just move on to the third race.

As a bonus you’re also allowed to break the rules and use any car during the street race as well, just have to stay within regulation for the other two. Though the way I personally completed it was I did a regulated race first, then the street race, and finally the other regulated race. Seems like you might be triggering a problem by doing the street race first.

Thank you, after restarting Forza, I tried doing both of the other championship races before the street race one, and it worked fine.